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Lift table tennis elbow problem

wanghongw812010-02-02 13:02:00 +0000 #1
I love table tennis, recently someone said I was pulling the ball lift elbow, Lianqiu when I felt a bit careful, the general back to the ball the other side are relatively modest, or lower, and I basically do not lift the elbow, fixed The shape can be played in the past. Whenever the other side back to Qiuban high or high time to have hit a high point, I do not naturally put the elbow lift (aircraft) up. There is simply held down, a play on the out of bounds, and I ask you masters, do not lift the elbow and a half how to play golf? Can not wait for him down to low when the fixed plate then go back.
Liu Benjamin2010-02-02 13:10:12 +0000 #2
Golf sub-overdone and not too head. Overshoot the elbow with the smash-type units must carry; but with normal attack while the ball head (pull the ball) position; close to the table, but the first shot is fast break, Yuan-tai, head suitable for a loop, but the ball hit the ball. Specific position is not a good description in words. Recommended to see some table-tennis instruction video, so intuitive, excellent cool bad.
hanleizhangli2010-02-02 13:32:06 +0000 #3
you play golf is a half-smash to do? Smash should not lift the elbow does not lift the elbow argument.

Ball-you say you lift the elbow, is definitely that you move too stiff, do you pull the ball moves to play golf, which definitely carried the elbow.

Pull the ball is to pull the ball, smash is a smash, not the same. I think you should be too focused on action, but not good, so rigid in their own.

Pull the ball movement is the opening two legs, knees naturally bent, squatting a bit, turn waist, arms relaxed, cited below, after the body shot. Pull the ball's center of gravity on the process is mentioned, that is, straight from the knee point, turn the waist, arm, driven by the upper arm waving from the top after the bottom forward, elbow bent, arm adduction.

A lot of amateur golfers are too focused on action, but the film is next cited cited shoot, no lower center of gravity, nor turn waist, this easy to lift the elbow. Due to the cited film, but it did not pay attention to switch to the waist and squat, so the arm with the elbow to bring back the. There is to move, but very nervous, leading to stiffness. Is the arm muscle tension, so stiff action, while the shoulder muscle tension, will make their own involuntarily lift the elbow. Try to relax the shoulder, you can feel the arm naturally droop a big arm and elbow on the Kaozhu his body, so as not to lift the elbow.

Fight like a half golf, muscle relaxation, it would not lift the elbow. Semi-golf, if closer to the body, must pay attention to turn the waist, waist after the transfer, there is a distance shot of the cited, you do not turn the waist, should be cited shoot, only to the elbow up, and this is wrong. Turn waist after the semi-golf against time through the rotation of the swing to the waist and forearm shot, closer to the body of the semi-golf, arm movements are very small.

Far away from the body of semi-golf needs to straighten his arm went to shoot the ball, the same should pay attention to the above problems, and in playing golf, when the semi-distant, the following will be more prominent this issue is that some golfers accustomed to carrying from the elbow to let film-type, under pressure, this is wrong. Apart from the above that the relaxation, the control of film-type must depend on the fingers and wrist, arm rotation to adjust the film-type can only play a little bit of a supplementary role.

In short, not panic, Do not be concerned about moves to relax enough. Of course, the action been done is the key, especially the transfer must not omit the waist and squatting
package takes2010-02-02 14:17:35 +0000 #4
I think it should be necessary to lift the elbow (frame) up against a half golf ball should be as you have the opportunity to try to won, and now many of China's men's athletes regarded high loop the ball as a chance to do, (other people when you pull the ball inside will have a sense of excitement) on the half-step by step into the golf should be forced to do possible to force the opponent down, others it does not matter defensive back sets, hit the ball Ling Duishou touch are intangible ... ... my favorite athletes Mizutani Falcon originally being a little too wrong ----- plate write, ( lifted, as you said) is the same location as the regular hand the net - Internet user said, (and now he kept the ball up, that problems are basically not obvious) hee hee, and his pace before jumping up and often have the feeling , it is a high leg lift, you can look at his game, in order to play semi-golf, not only the elbow lift (aircraft) up, but the entire people have jumped up, and men's athletes in the right when the pull is always "jump up , "but I feel the most obvious Mizutani Falcon, action is also relatively beautiful,



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