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diy ping-pong paddle

liuliuswpi2010-02-10 06:01:36 +0000 #1
Yuan-tai, is in the hands pulling the ball, the backhand smash and cut, shoot a knife fight, Jigejianyi to see how with, ask everyone just started with rhythm, similar in general on the line,
destruction of God _ _2010-02-10 06:08:20 +0000 #2
If the LZ is a cut in the counter-offensive play, the bottom mad Biao recommended DHS H-LG, AN gourd-shaped handle. If the LZ chopping few points, then can choose violence PG3 floor.

Are rubber gloves, mad Biao 2, H-LG hardness of the general election on 40 degrees, 39 degrees on the election PG3. Backhand more difficult to chose, because smash with the slice is totally two kinds of play. Backhand can choose G888, rotate relatively strong, the control is not bad.
leiwen1002010-02-10 06:09:30 +0000 #3
For today's young people, DIY is not already familiar with the vocabulary, and it has been related to the wave fields, hair, clothes, records, daily necessities, ... ... the true meaning of its popularity are also in the "From the self - The selection and production to get more fun. " For table tennis enthusiasts, the face of dazzling variety of brands, a variety of price points, different properties of equipment, how to DIY your own racket out of a fit, which also has a lot of doorways.

Ping-pong paddle DIY roughly be divided into three processes, select equipment (boards, sets of plastic), paste, and the maintenance of the racket made. For most tennis fans, this is another great fun to play table tennis where the. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, do not want to spend too much money but want to have a handy tempo, then DIY is preferred.

DIY process 1: equipment choices

just to get into table tennis fans will always have such a misunderstanding: the world champion is the best endorsement of the ball plate used for ball plate, or with the same racket with the world champion will be able to have trained a good skill. Little do they know the equipment of choice world champion may not be the most expensive, the best, but it must be the most suitable for his own style. Therefore, the equipment choices are not blind, the most suited to their own playing and style is the key.

At present, the domestic table tennis play roughly be divided into several categories: close to the table fast-break type, loop-type fast break, fast-break offensive combination of loop, cut-bound attack. Each type of play for the ball plate hardness, the options are very different sets of glue.

Close to the table fast break-type play equipment

close to the table fast break-type play demands fast tempo swing, to a lesser extent, multi-use of explosive power, such as leveraging force afterburner mode, whose main characteristic is that fast, therefore, the ball plate and set the choice of adhesive should be selected heavier and hard floor, accompanied by a faster ball is plastic or surface viscous medium, a shorter anti-adhesive particles, the former with the thickness of the sponge of 1.8-2.1 mm, hardness of about 35 degrees in the sponge, the latter with 1.5-2.0 mm, hardness of about 40 degrees in the sponge.

Loop-type fast break play equipment

loop-type fast-break sought to spin on the speed of a unified, multi-use combination of friction and smash attack technology, which requires not only the ball plate should have sufficient to eat the ball deep, but sufficient at the end of enthusiasm. Therefore, the wood is relatively soft, elastic, or a thin (5.5-6.0 mm) as the best five-floor, rubber adhesive a better choice, granular slightly longer anti-adhesive, coupled with hard (45 degrees or above) thick ( 2.1-2.2 mm) of the sponge.

Fast-break offensive play with loop equipment

fast-break with loop attacking game asked to select both the fast break for the ball and can pull the ball loop panels for fast-break and the arc circle with the ball.

Floor should choose more rigid, thicker seven floor (6.5 millimeters), rubber can be chosen based on personal hobby.

Attack, cut with play equipment

attack, cut play with people who would need to have a very comprehensive technology to ensure the chopping attack with the ball loop rotation, often choose the more viscous surface Well, the anti-plastic particles slightly longer; in order to ensure its cut, a good control of defense, often selecting the thickness of moderate (1.5-2.0 mm) and soft, moderate hardness (40 degrees) of the sponge.

For the beginner, due to the type style of play has not been established, therefore, choose lighter, feel better and the general racket can be slightly flexible in mastering ball technology, the upgraded equipment in accordance with the type style of play.

DIY processes 2: Paste

Next is the table tennis bat DIY's "hand-course" is also key to --- paste. Road need to have: a white, long scissors, glue, roller (at least 20cm long, diameter, do not do so).

First of all, the floor flat on the white paper, and with the brush to smear glue on the floor, pay attention to smooth evenly over, the same method is used to set glue.

Then, on set of backplanes and after the glue on the glue dry (like not coated like), and then glue the sets of plastic coated floor alignment, from the bottom floor began to paste up, pay attention to the middle to both sides of the pressure, so as to avoid leaving air bubbles, and so until all paste is completed; and finally re-use drum roll twice.

Finally, a pair of scissors along the bottom edge of the excess rubber cut, the next cut to uniform flat, not irritable, the best a success, it is impossible to re-repair a repair (You can also use fine sandpaper lightly polished look), pruning now prefer to stay Do not stay more than a small, if there is a special cutting tool even more convenient.

After the replacement of sets of plastic, they can find a hair dryer, side winds while slowly lifted the plastic cover. Before the next paste must pay attention to reversing some of the first multi-glue, glue the bottom layer of residue before "washing" down, in order to ensure the formation of re-paste.

DIY processes 3: Maintenance

racket production is completed, not the end of the story. Maintenance is equally important because of the racket, if a bat is not properly maintained, is likely to make a good bat in a short time lose their original performance.

1. Backplane as not to see the water, do not see the sun, when used as far as possible to avoid knocking, preferably affixed in order to protect Edge.

2. Every time exhausted, and anti-adhesive to use wet sponge attached to gently wipe away the dirt, and dry after the paste with plastic film (note the air squeezed out), rubber and other particles are plastic You need to use the soft brush dipped in a small amount of water, brush can be.

3. Rubber and sponge can not close oil, almost hot, sharp cold, we should not see the sun.

4. Anti-adhesive rubber surface should be taken to avoid friction, otherwise there will be a scratch.
Package takes2010-02-10 06:23:16 +0000 #4
floor beginning with the words can be made to try the Milky Way, "Li Qian," bottom, (like relatively good-looking,, 150 or so), it is estimated you play more freely, like the attack cut all-play combination. Chopping play, then are hand-selected a number of defensive type of rubber is better, of course, like the defensive type of rubber in the Cosco Taiwan high-quality anti-pull, but defensive-type sponge rubber general, a number of relatively soft and thin, control ----- better because it easy to thoroughly plate. Double Happiness backhand election c7. Or c8, or the election is plastic bar, c7.c8 former Chinese team's secret weapon, as a long strange gum Qiulu comparison is made of plastic, then a lot are good, cheap and easy, red Double Happiness with a Positive Photoresist - "Long Shadow" relatively easy to use, 60 or so, are plastic is very durable, and this is plastic rotation is stronger, feel good, Double Happiness and other positive feelings are more partial plastic fast-break ... ...
saerdai122010-02-10 06:25:45 +0000 #5
by Butterfly - Zhushi He is absolutely suitable for chopping



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