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K as compared with the Galaxy series and Stica wrb series (mainly hollow ball handle design and its

Flying off2010-02-10 07:01:02 +0000 #1
I played Galaxy k-2, k-3, the grip felt good, I heard that because the hollow design of the ball shank will focus on the relationship in advance, anyway I am holding a very comfortable, but the name is not very satisfactory, do not know if this Domestica wrb what similarities and differences, in the sense of feel and play on (that is, play with the racket hit or pull loop when the opponent's vibration feedback), please people who used to explain what, thank you!
Prince of Wu Kun-liang gene2010-02-10 07:07:39 +0000 #2
Galaxy floor focused primarily on hand, k-2, k-3 feel are good, but the ball is not ideal.

The main focus of backplane Stica comprehensive, wrb I have loved to use, twist pull the ball very few mistakes.

Lou Zhu said,''The Hollow handle design and its impact''I really can not answer answer, please understand.



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