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Urgent! ! ! Table Tennis chopping steps when the pace of sideslip based mainly on whether it? Why?

Triple Door 22010-02-10 15:02:16 +0000 #1
Hurry! ! ! !
tributaries _2010-02-10 15:18:34 +0000 #2
table tennis ball must be supplemented by the right pace, so that your swing can only be guaranteed.
smoothlynn2010-02-10 15:15:01 +0000 #3
Table Tennis pace of essentials - (a) Single-step

1, mobile approach to a foot axis, the other leg forward, back, left and right move in different directions, the body center of gravity falls on moving their feet along .

2, the practical application: ① the ball near the net; ② cut themselves chasing the ball; ③ single-step sideways attack dates to find the ball in the midline in the left or the right to push a little sideways in a straight line or a surprise twist in pulling the ball common.

Table Tennis pace of essentials - (b) stepped

1, mobile method of a pedal, the other foot to the direction of movement across a big step tread to foot a half step or one small step then to keep up with the body center of gravity that is shifted to the stepping foot.

2, the practical application: ① close to the table fast-break style of play, used to deal with the body a little far away from the ball; ② chop play, left and right moving ball; ③ stepped sideways attack, when to slow the ball However, farther away from the body, the left foot to the left across the top of a previous step, then follow a small step in the right foot, while the waist with the right moves, the completion of sideways movement.

Table Tennis pace of essentials - (3) and step

1, mobile method of one foot the other foot and the first half-step or one small step, and the other foot and step foot in the fall immediately after the ball always moving a step.

2, the practical application: ① fast break in the attacking players move around or pull the ball; ② players were backhand chop chop; ③, and step sideways attack, used for pulling cut, after the left foot and step right foot first in order to swivel, with the attendant left lateral stride.

Table Tennis pace of essentials - (d) hop-step

1, mobile means the opposite side foot the ball has been firmly placed, the feet off the ground while the ball has always been the direction of beating.

2, the practical application: ① fast-break ball players move around, often used in combination with the stride; ② loop class play the Chinese and Taiwan to the left and right moves commonly used;

③ hop sideways attack or pull, However, in the air required to complete the transfer of lumbar motion; ④ chopping players often used in the next assault, but a small hop to adjust the stations used more.

Table Tennis pace of essentials - (e) Cross-step

1, move the ball close to the direction of approach to the foot as the supporting feet, the toes of the foot to adjust to point the direction of movement, away from the direction of the feet of the ball crossing in front of body, always the direction of the ball a significant step forward, the body has always been the ball along the direction of rotation, supporting the heel has always been the direction of the ball and then step by step, which is before the cross-step. After the crossover step is to complete cross-body movements.

2, the practical application: ① fast break or loop play in the sideways attack, pull the right corner after the swat gap, or right-Bighorn variable backhand;

② chopping and Latin America in the move;

③ chop play then hit a short ball or cut highlights.



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