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Long rubber sponge table tennis you can not do?

Zhang Yuan Zhan2010-02-10 19:01:46 +0000 #1
Recently participate in the competition, there are several guys in a long strange gum it, the ball is very heavy, arc especially strange, a look, there is no sponge, the sponge before and a little fight, it would not be so difficult, now very bad to play, what table tennis rules allow a long rubber sponge do not paste?
wsy_jackey2010-02-10 19:13:56 +0000 #2

Zhushi He backhand upstairs is an outsider is not half-length sponge rubber
gray smoke2010-02-10 19:34:43 +0000 #3
did not pay attention to Hsu --------· amateur - so Only good adapt to them a ,(*^__^*)... hee hee



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