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When did you start training, marriage Zhang Yining

Hobo 1012010-02-11 01:02:19 +0000 #1

dongyutiancai2010-02-11 01:10:02 +0000 #2
a new generation of world number one, "Ping Pong Queen" Zhang Yining will quit after marriage Pingtan? Yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau Sun Kanglin revealed in an interview, the Olympic champion Zhang Yining married and will not quit Ping Tan.

Sun Kang Lin, said: "I'm 18, came back from Jinan to Beijing to attend the wedding of Zhang Yining, to congratulate her. Yining from the 7-year-old started playing table tennis, table tennis career more than 20 years, cast her glory. She is currently World Women's Pingtan peak figure for the country made a great contribution, won a great honor. "

Sun Kang Lin believes that Zhang Yining is still in relatively good condition, will not easily withdraw from the Ping Tan, give up the love, the tireless pursuit of cause. He said Zhang Yining is not with the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau said, to retire. "I think that she should continue to maintain the present such a strong momentum. Although married, some families living factors, but the current state of her mental, physical condition and technical level, in today's world women's Ping Tan is still unmatched . We are also particularly looking forward to her to the London Olympics in 2012, continued to lead the Chinese Nvping impact of Olympic gold medals. After the National Games in Jinan, we will communicate with her further, and create conditions that will allow her to continue to maintain a brilliant career. "■ Brief Introduction
Button Mouth2010-02-11 01:33:13 +0000 #3
After the honeymoon it, is not expected to come out this year



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