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Like this ah? All inappropriate it ...

lala__02010-02-11 10:01:48 +0000 #1
I do,

the second year, 14-year-old, studying piano (woman)

this time to learn to play table tennis then,

All inappropriate then

(school this is not just extra-curricular entertainment.)

want to learn, too, but usually wanted to go to Pei excellent classes, but also on the piano lessons.

HO ```!! want to learn, too,

co-inappropriate (we can in terms of age, the time a lot of analysis of those messy)

for, I put a good future for it .. additional ..
Experimental yaozi2010-02-11 10:05:11 +0000 #2

I am also in a good elementary school 5th grade summer vacation came into contact with the `` ping-pong ping-pong dad let me learn the purpose of the later can be ping-pong a lot of friends, you can also practiced response, the eyes or something. . More importantly, the body can be healthy. I now have the beginning of 3, and in this district games in the rankings. the school district, said the focus should be specially recruited me. I now coach: Shanghai team, he is not the kind of childhood Sports School. It was only like me to play while they studied. The results are outstanding achievements, in the l junior high school, walked directly to the college entrance examination plus assigned to the University, now graduated from a good company because of the leadership likes to play let him come to their companies `` Let me also make teacher to teach him to play `` `Really, the benefits of a lot of ping-pong! my enlightenment playing varsity coach is also a former Hunan Province, chop, and, later because of their age over 40, and Pao Budong a change to play .. fast break, and she let me little by little come to the end I just started .. after a year of the rookie has more practice than I beat 2,3 years, Shige, Shijie Men .. This is because I am very serious. Because I really like Da Pingpang!!

Now that you, and have heard my story full of deep feeling you have is not it? school hours you must be careful!! to-school time to learn to play, 14-year-old not too late , you can practice! how girls do not like sports, but you like, which is very good, very helpful .. recommendation has just started to find some enlightenment on the coach where the practice. It does not matter, and 1.1 points. Attitude is everything! This does not delay learning to play the piano. music and physical education is at times complementary, Lianwan music before going Lianqiu .. follow the rhythm of walking can play the ball and then go to practice `Lianwan music. allows the muscles to relax, can play The role of relaxation!

the last sentence: `As long as you pull the right `` to play like hard work! there must be harvested. Maybe later you can further their studies, finding a job can help you by a ping-pong .. If you play well, it would .. City Team Provincial teams have some hopes. Hei hei.!

I QQ460408625 Canada under me, I continue, and you say Q!

refueling bar. you have a dream girl!

Now I'm going to Lianqiu had. Hehe
Gordonia Sugar2010-02-11 10:48:06 +0000 #3
not to mention 14 years of age, if you really like ping-pong the game 40-year-old to school no later than (of course, to say the professional after playing a bit unrealistic, they are 6,7-year-old began Lianqiu, but not necessarily Results will be played. After all, China's table tennis talent too). . . I think the variety of interest is a good thing, table tennis is indeed a very useful exercise (^ ^, once in love with the charm of it will feel great). As regards the time to see their own arrangements for the main bar. I am also a female, aged 19. Ping-pong, dancing, Yu Buddha, taekwondo like ... ps: Of course you feel more like which one will be more emphasis on take a moment to go on. Time is their own distribution. Now I am working to play Liang Buwu. Support you. . .
_ Diablo _2010-02-11 11:00:43 +0000 #4
right, of course, very appropriate. My sister is also starting to follow you at this time I play ping-pong, but also then test out the piano 10. This time, just a long bone is good, height is appropriate, action is not easy deformation, Learn the basics.



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