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My Galaxy MC-2 is not a fake? ? ?

Ma Wenyou people 1232010-02-12 00:02:16 +0000 #1
I recently Taobao MC2 on a board and a mad three sets of plastic. But the beat came on the beat after I found out in the security code is (without scraping can see). Rubber also has a security code is also specified. Dongdong do not know if this is not fake. Another. The seller is in Tianjin. But the shipments to be Jieyang, Guangdong Province. I am also embarrassed to say. Or give him praise. I am not a professional. Try a few days to adapt. Depressed in the. /. . . .
Steel Wall Sports2010-02-12 00:18:00 +0000 #2
Milky Way has always been out in the security code, and the crazy 3 is out in the security code, but in October 2009 after the latest batch of crazy glue three sets of security above the need to scratch coating.

Galaxy's floor had been stripped of the latest batch of anti-counterfeiting labels.

Sound problems when the glue-and-paste as well as the hardness of rubber, or even non-paste paste will affect the ball retaining side of the sound, the sound can not serve as a basis for judging good and bad.
ccyuhang2010-02-12 00:43:46 +0000 #3
bottom view of the cover torn off and sponge rubber, mc-2 is a ceramic coating, and the crazy three sets of rubber sponge is relatively hard. In addition to half a meter high with the fate of table tennis in the end board, hard at least 4 times to 5 times a bounce, if flexibility is not good, must be false. Another mad a good addition to three sets of rubber sponge rubber, plastic is difficult if the addition, there may be a soft sponge. If we look at what was going on, put the bottom off, really mc-2 must be the fifth floor of the structure.



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