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Question of training the content of ping-pong society, through training or the last coach come in, t

xxbuly2010-02-12 02:01:52 +0000 #1
Our table tennis community has just been set up in schools, the number 24 to 30 directly, most know how to pull the ball loop. In the age between 14 to 19.

We are thinking only (should the case may be)

1, to practice every day 100 times (loop-drive) swing

2, horizontal beating

3, the three pulled a group of practice balls. (Who dropped the ball Substitution)

4, long-distance race

(but I think the above training for the novice, will not keep up) (I have received some training)

hope all my friends made a convincing training content
jaychen392010-02-12 02:10:50 +0000 #2
right .... is the exchange that pull bar, tapping the ball did not grasp how good pull loop, loop action is to enlarge the ball moves after the attack .... do sit-ups, and leapfrog the waist no power how pull loop, swing times too low. Horizontal beating? Is a sliding bar, 3 / 4 sets of sliding, as well as serve



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