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Pen in order to table tennis rubber floor + a reasonable allocation, thank you! Wood in the2010-03-20 00:10
I am a amateur, straight close to the table fast break the original beat is the Palio is plastic f
Issues relating to Jasaka bottom I was Yang di2010-03-19 20:11
I want to buy a Jasaka the floor, in the YCA-MAX 3D, YDM17, TEO 3 beat in the wandering, and now do
Table Tennis scoreboard Design Traveling in the sky 8882010-03-16 17:11
can be realized under the rules of the game plus / minus score, the game series in binary form of li
The tango with a number of excellent pulling Nick's F1 performance rubber Ability Storm 1232010-03-14 08:11
Thank you to talk about their comprehensive analysis of the more detailed the better 啦
Stica OPTIMUM CARBO crystal carbon and red and black carbon Wang 7.6 CR WRB are more like what a hig yasyas08011002010-03-11 12:11
want to buy a beat, give as gifts used to think highly of the two, do not know which to buy
Buy racket floor is to buy good or Galaxy Crystal Butterfly King of carbon plate good Shenzhou 012010-03-09 07:10
How to distinguish Hurricane hao table tennis bats have no fish phosphorus pattern, ruled it chenchensdo2010-03-09 03:10
there is no difference on the packaging to distinguish what is from time to time know-how, best to r
A game, soft, do not want to see other people look like total losers? Silkrug2010-03-07 05:11
Play is always soft, do not want to see other people look like total losers, therefore, lost anoth
Table tennis point technique mean? Bristol Ice Light Heart2010-03-07 03:10
Please understand the wing friends in Table Tennis
Ping-pong ball question I shake-hands grip dog took my name on the2010-03-04 01:10
TANG Jian-jun said that the top of the ball does not spin with the tempo, use the racket below the f
Need for different weights and Qiujiao Nice, soft-bottom carbon-related properties Extreme Travel2010-02-25 02:11
I have been a little on the bottom floor requested that the recently discovered to be replaced by ne
Deng Yaping, the moving story of Zan naphthalene Zhiyu2010-02-23 09:10
not to profile the life of Deng Yaping, to deeds! ! ! Jiji Ji Ji Jiji urgent! ! ! ! ! !
In the absence of table tennis, rackets, tables in this pool of how training? (Supplementary Trainin drop-De Sun2010-02-22 20:11
How to with table tennis bats and rubber Yu-lin, 93792010-02-21 00:11
1. I am a table tennis enthusiasts, suffer for bats and rubber understanding, help master Zhidianmij
Table Tennis Feng Yalan thing Heilongjiang people? . . Name 98072010-02-12 04:01
If problem. . .
Horizontal board with the Galaxy EC13 mad king 655 the thickness of the same? EC13 surface material  3592010-02-12 04:01
Milky Way Galaxy EC13-line target 5.7 +-0.2MM, I Zhezhi 6.2MM or so. Inorganic thickening version? ?
Galaxy can be set within the floor with plastic EC13 Orc 19902010-02-12 04:01
Cross-board double reverse, I have the power okay. Development direction of the wind the ball to Wan
Recommended Recommended easy to use even a table tennis racket I am me Niuniu people2010-02-12 04:01
Recommend Recommended easy to use even a table tennis racket
Question of training the content of ping-pong society, through training or the last coach come in, t xxbuly2010-02-12 02:01
Our table tennis community has just been set up in schools, the number 24 to 30 directly, most know
Table tennis board with a six-month cross-mc-2 + jackets want to change boards, UO TO TL Which is ap Xidoure2010-02-12 02:01
Need for speed, lethality to improve, do not handle change too much. With both sides of jacket.
Table Tennis Stica light tube, Wang TL, Wang boards how to configure? Xidoure2010-02-12 02:01
Is sticking anti-astringent and astringent sets of both sides were referring to the next. Thank yo
How do I free-hand exercises shake-hands grip the ball is in hand to attack genius ping-pong2010-02-12 01:01
My Galaxy MC-2 is not a fake? ? ? Ma Wenyou people 1232010-02-12 00:02
I recently Taobao MC2 on a board and a mad three sets of plastic. But the beat came on the beat afte
How to Teach Kids Da Pingpang Getting Started LTZ cocoon into a butterfly2010-02-11 23:01
How do I force the ball ping-pong ball cut hair Wang Shao-ping-pong2010-02-11 22:01
good to have video or pictures Help
Table Tennis Technology Duan Yan ada2010-02-11 21:02
will be covering the sponge rubber particles, the particles out of what we call it? Inward particle
To ask you, I want to watch the table tennis instruction video, a video which is better? Oh, I like fan2010-02-11 21:02
Table Tennis thugs how to solve the problem Low Ping Tan Hand 20092010-02-11 21:01
I play table tennis, and sometimes hands are always hit, the resulting catch a lot of mistakes. A lo
Shake-hands grip forehand attacking the ball waist still can not be reconciled with the arm force, h ability to storm 1232010-02-11 20:02
Table tennis coach how much commission should be appropriate? szj2182010-02-11 19:02
Current table tennis, badminton clubs a coach has a monthly salary of 2,000 yuan, coach, on a class
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