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Buy table tennis bats Issues Invincible 0062010-02-10 09:01
Recent want to buy a good table tennis rackets, stiga, and butterfly in the indecision please give
Table Tennis backplane configuration, ask expert zhujitao9992010-02-10 08:02
purchase a Galaxy U-6 floor (horizontal plate), being 729-08 sets the thickness of plastic foam 2.
K as compared with the Galaxy series and Stica wrb series (mainly hollow ball handle design and its  Flying off2010-02-10 07:01
I played Galaxy k-2, k-3, the grip felt good, I heard that because the hollow design of the ball sha
Table tennis bats rubber dog took my name on the2010-02-10 06:02
729ritc is astringent nature of rubber or rubber adhesive Why does my hair still can not sticky the
diy ping-pong paddle liuliuswpi2010-02-10 06:01
Yuan-tai, is in the hands pulling the ball, the backhand smash and cut, shoot a knife fight, Jigejia
Galaxy EXCELLENT is good SR_MWX1234562010-02-10 05:02
I bought a Galaxy EXCELLENT seems to be 140 yuan (floor) is not expensive ^ _ ^ 729-2 both sides of
How can we lay to table tennis? Lankai10282010-02-02 15:01
Recent wants to play table tennis, but I would be less, how can we play well Oh?
Lift table tennis elbow problem wanghongw812010-02-02 13:02
I love table tennis, recently someone said I was pulling the ball lift elbow, Lianqiu when I felt a
Chinese table tennis team beat specify what brand of table tennis leaf 11262010-02-02 13:01
such as the title
Come to understand, under the guidance of a butterfly backplane Yao Ye2010-02-02 13:01
I want to buy a candy bar ping-pong paddle. Please pointing under the master. Played for ten years a
Help me with a ping-pong paddle - bobo6782010-02-02 12:02
Positive Photoresist forehand, the backhand, reversed rubber, just to play in school, may I ask what
Table Tennis Competition Bureau to conduct a () minutes is not the end, both sides or at least () ex 007 Linger 0072010-02-02 12:01
Japanese-style table tennis bat of the viscose! Onizuka Eikichi 20002010-02-02 11:02
Japanese style table tennis bats, that is, a square plate of that paragraph, Grip coarse, backhand w
Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ping-pong ping pong ping pong ping pong ping pong  Cold upstream people2010-02-02 11:01
table tennis is a good sword or knife, making a good film? What brand of table tennis with God a g
Sports, sports -) small ball table tennis Cold upstream people2010-02-02 11:01
table tennis is a good sword or knife, making a good film? What brand of table tennis with God a g
Table Tennis schedule imset2010-02-02 10:01
private table tennis competition, people sign up for a period of 8 days, each day decide the winner
Table tennis players there are no obvious match made in accordance with the provisions of the legal  007 Linger 0072010-02-02 10:01
Fat players obviously did not serve in accordance with the provisions of the legal serve, the first  007 Linger 0072010-02-02 10:01
Help me with a ping-pong paddle carry the hoe's life2010-02-02 08:01
straight, prices in the 100-200, with a little more reasonable as far as possible, both positive and
Shake-hands grip, or play table tennis, how access side spin Wizard mythology2010-01-31 22:01
a video like that
Ping-pong balls How to loop hair pulling power? Win 002010-01-31 22:01
Table Tennis on the distinction between cis-rotation and inverse rotation problem? In the2010-01-31 14:01
Frequently on television to see players use the reverse rotary method of serving their own very much
Lian Da Pingpang 50 year-end no later? xfltdqb2010-01-20 02:01
I love to play table tennis on the junior high school, but his name of fun, after an occasional figh
Zhang Yining, who is a sister followed? Chinese老米2010-01-19 02:01
Zhang Yining 10.18 marriage, husband after marriage, pregnancy is probably the son, walked Zhang Yin
McEnroe tennis community is when it retired? michaelbes2010-01-16 09:01
That is why the Borg then tennis is a 26-year-old chose to quit? michaelbes2010-01-16 04:01
Do you think Roger Federer won the Grand Slam for 10 years can also do? michaelbes2010-01-16 03:01
Table Tennis tournament-based arrangements green2010-01-16 00:28
corporate New Year's Day organized table tennis matches, a total of 20 to register for, to take the
Play ping-pong Pen and shake-hands grip the advantages and disadvantages street artists2010-01-16 00:27
want to be able to give a detailed explanation as possible professional
There are several table tennis rubber / and what the different characteristics of each rubber street artists2010-01-16 00:27
hope that the professional completed before New Year's Day 1:00
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