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Fall play tennis should pay attention to what the

control of the Big Bang2010-01-20 13:01:09 +0000 #1
Fall play tennis should pay attention to what the
clgen9982010-01-20 13:17:24 +0000 #2
Fall tennis what you need to pay attention? 2009-09-19 21:36 golden autumn, a harvest of good times at the same time is also a large number of tennis enthusiasts to play swing, to show their talents and skills upgrading in the golden season. For the "southern wet, windy North," "A Choice of a cold" and other weather conditions, we play should note the following:

1. The morning to play, it is necessary to feel the ball, the ball and practice basic skills main. As to ensure the normal work and study, to avoid down to business when the fatigue Fakun, so playing in the morning, we should rationally arrange the content of practice, appropriate control of exercise intensity and amount of exercise.

2. The afternoon play, attention should be dressed in cold, weather changes can not be ignored. Although the early autumn sometimes feels quite hot, but in the afternoon near the evening, they were really "天凉好个秋", the temperature will be in your inadvertently dropped rapidly. If then you still wear thin, exercise intensity are not large, it is easy to catch cold. The best way is as the sun goes down, feel some slight coolness in the body, the time plus pieces of sports coat.

3. After the play, a timely replacement of sweat underwear. Autumn wind whistle, when you practice the time has come, although has stopped play, but it may also Xing-outstanding, and the ball on the sidelines chatting with the faithful. At this time, we must note that the timely replacement of sweat clothes, then put on coat, must not unwittingly, let air-dry sweat clothes.

4. Pay attention to temperature changes, especially in the evening, warm coat should be appropriately increased. "One autumn in a cold," when you wear thin clothes from the summer into the fall, they should pay attention to weather changes. In the play, at the beginning, to maintain an appropriate warm coat. Can not be the same as with the summer, playing on only one wearing a T shirt, instead of getting stronger as the autumn of the appropriate increase of clothes, which is playing basketball at night, lighting is particularly important.



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