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Shanghai Masters ATP1000 what type of venue?

yoursong5202010-01-20 20:01:15 +0000 #1
Shanghai Masters ATP1000 what type of venue?
0 Orange flavor 02010-01-20 20:15:49 +0000 #2
ATP1000 Shanghai Masters with the selection of the Cincinnati Masters, U.S. Open and so on several North American tour the same arena floor supplier Deco Hartford. This stadium floor is no longer the Shanghai Masters Cup, plus wood coating material, but by the bottom two layers of asphalt combined with the thickness and composition of the special paint. This stadium floor, and other events on U.S. networks use the same material for the medium-speed pitches. However, the color of the venue is the manufacturer of tailor-made for the Shanghai Masters. Sideline inside the color is reserved exclusively for Shanghai Masters ATP1000 the Shang Hai Masters Blue's unique color, the outside edges of the green



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