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Shanghai Masters ATP1000 in what place?

yoursong5202010-01-20 20:01:49 +0000 #1
Shanghai Masters ATP1000 in what place?
United Kingdom2010-01-20 20:03:40 +0000 #2
2009 Shanghai Masters ATP1000 on October 10 to 18 in Shanghai Qi Zhong Tennis Center


Qi Zhong Tennis Center is located in southwestern Minhang District, Shanghai, Ma Town, Tennis Center land area of approximately 508 acres, the base with a total construction area of 85,438 square meters. Base floor area ratio of 0.187, 15.1% building density, green rate of 46.1%, 993 parking spaces. Main Stadium construction area of 30,649 square meters, on the ground four-storey building height of about 40 m for the steel roof to open the way though the city flower of Shanghai Magnolia flowering process, as the world's first.

In the modern stadium in the world's top players to enjoy the superb skills and experience the exciting atmosphere at the scene.

Main Stadium can accommodate 15,000 people, the main field, besides set up a general audience, but also with the VIP seats, press gallery (about 240, of which 60 seats with tables), the disabled seats 20-30 seats. There are also a main venue for the air box 26, relay rooms, more than 20, the high 4 meters, 10 meters wide and two big screen, other countries such as the VIP room, players lounge, conference rooms, changing rooms, restaurants, information processing center, Press Office a number of other kinds of auxiliary space. Tennis Center will be accepted in the construction of several ATP officials, inspected, and the suggestion that they made appropriate adjustments in full compliance with even the Grand Slam Tennis Masters Cup races. In addition to organizing the world's highest level of tennis competition, the stadium can be used for basketball, volleyball, table tennis, gymnastics and other competitions, is a world-class multi-purpose venues.

Qi Zhong Tennis Center, the design of the most prominent feature is a people-oriented, designers everywhere for viewers to consider, and strive to provide people with a comfortable, beautiful view of race and the competitive environment.

Qi Zhong Tennis Center for a total investment of 200 million 5 million dollars, is absolutely right ball in China's history into the most complex construction.



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