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Backhand What pouches?

ming_9182010-02-22 20:11:02 +0000 #1
I loop + fast-break style of play, has bought a Galaxy 898 floor, comparative re-stating is a 90G +, and a friend sent a mad three blocks on the S & P is also used in hand, but the backhand do not know with what, in the Focus 3 / Focus 1/ZAP SPIN 3 melancholy, almost Taiwan can control, pull the ball more smoothly set of rubber. hope receive adequate guidance, thank you!
cpa · mydream2010-02-22 20:27:23 +0000 #2
Louzhu good

personally think that this is a good three sets of rubber gloves, rubber anti-Shibuya Shibuya or semi-elasticity of sponge

Louzhu considered very right indeed horizontal backhand control are more the In fact, there is a contradiction if you want the ball easy to use sticky like glue 729-2 cj8000 However, these sets of defensive nature, and the speed is not better than Shibuya Shibuya of fast

If you want a good defense is certainly a good example of the focus of Shibuya, but chopping easily run 3 Gao

cj8000 better personally believe that not only the chopping is not stable due to viscous semi-astringent imitation Japanese sponge sponge also can compare the equilibrium price elasticity of 25 yuan lower than the same time, the focus of the focus of durable flexible rubber was good but the astringent nature of the sponge is usually shorter life span Oxidation is also a very good rubber has been a very intense it threw away quite a pity
Maxwell20072010-02-22 20:34:14 +0000 #3
Clark SP 40 degrees, Palio comprehensive type 40-42 degrees (Japan GP sponge), but still recommended that you change the board, too much influence movement rates of shoulder injury wrist, bad control circuit, and the freedom of selection is also smaller rubber
hanleizhangli2010-02-22 20:31:32 +0000 #4
you have again opened a problem ah, ha ha

I have said there could be 729-2.

Also add that the focus of relatively heavy plastic cover, you already have too much of the beat.

ZAP do not look expensive, but it is coats, personal feelings do not necessarily comfortable with, uncomfortable pulls are also pieces of trouble, but also to spend money (again reiterated that, personal opinions, because individuals do not feel the same)

You can also buy a Try ZAP Express



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