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The strength of China's women's tennis player good, but not very strong, why and key doubles? Would

y2002ym07md30d2010-02-22 21:10:37 +0000 #1

Haas 20062010-02-22 21:19:38 +0000 #2
because there are a lot of doubles players has always been the weakness of strong singles, like Yan Zi, Sun Tiantian, the players still have to develop all-round development, but also doubles the same time, a single combat is a good choice, if you are singles lost that there is little chance of winning the doubles
shingkit2010-02-22 21:55:13 +0000 #3
on the first floor justified. Believe that if the four strong singles Zheng Jie will become a regular, she would consider not playing doubles of.



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