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Please experienced friends recommend a good comfort, good shock absorption right arm hurt smaller te

I'm not Li Haitao2010-02-22 21:11:04 +0000 #1
Used Alfa GUT 2000, but does not like to play each hand were all frayed belt with Han Sweat-absorbent 呀
honor Elvis2010-02-22 21:12:58 +0000 #2
I use this Sweat-absorbent zone, feel good. General Wang Yu stores have to sell.

TAAN / Taiang TW-950 super-sticky Sweat-absorbent band / hand rubber

this subsection for the ultra-thin wet with sweat absorption, color, beautiful, feel comfortable price.

Sweat-absorbent band (grip cloth, hand gel) from Taiwan, Sweat-absorbent zone, with a super sticky suction (sticky), allows you to grip on, the feel comfortable playing the ball come handy. The extent of its durability and wear-resistant than other brands, so you value for money.

Its characteristics are as follows:

Size 1100 * 25 * 0.60mm

use of fine fibers durable, specially designed with state of resilient material, large vent excellent moisture absorption capacity of super-
grade adhesive, and the organic integration of human hand when playing golf, do not remove the potential energy to bring unparalleled comfort.

1, PU grip surface is very soft and comfortable feel;

2, leather has a sticky, but the non-stick hand, does not affect the touch;

3, wet and dry slip effect is good;

4, breathe better, have good The Sweat-absorbent nature;

5, the selectivity of a variety of colors

As good tennis line, I use this.

The surface edges and corners are designed to be able to better "bite" the ball, resulting in a stronger rotation.

Good point, anti-sexual LUXION playing professional tennis lines revolutionary improvements. It is such a structure designed to allow players a substantial swing without loss of control over the ball. Swing speed players spin the ball so that it can be easier to master. ALU ROUNH's unique texture to the rotation of the ball more.

* Diameter: 16L/1.25mm

· Length: 40ft./12.2m

· Color: Silver

* Note: this line than you normally recommended, or racket manufacturers operators reduced by 10% threading pounds a large number of ATP masters give up the original line of the ball, have to switch to LUXILON because:

1. LUXILON powerful line of the ball, control, precision

2. As the anti-stretch strong, very much back pounds small

3. almost non-alignment, no side play, while toggle line of the ball 4. is very resistant to fight, more than any other line of the ball four times more than

5. because there are edges of the design, an increase of seeking contact with the film surface time, it reduces the film surface vibrations, so playing the ball spin is even more acute!



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