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Please to provide a dedicated point of Tennis English?

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1. venue equipment terminology.

tennis court: tennis court the net: net

net post: net-post singles pillars: singles stick

The bottom line: base line edges: side line

Singles sideline: singles side line doubles sideline: doubles side line

service line: service line serving areas: service court

midpoint: centre mark the center line tee: centre service line

left the service area: the left service court right service area: the right service court

Center drawstring: strap stands: stand

Midfielders: midcourt hard courts: hard court

grass pitches: grass court land Stadium: clay court

clay courts: red clay court Driving Range: practice court

the playing field: match court singles Stadium: Stadium singles court

doubles: doubles court implant: permanent fixtures

Plastic Stadium: synthetic court asphalt pitch: asphalt court

Cement Stadium: concret court Blanket Stadium: carpet court

block Net: back and side stops Scoreboard: scoreboard

tee device: ball machines Tennis Wall: tennis wall

Tennis: ball wearing a String Machine: tennis stringer

push water traps: court squeegee shock absorbers: vibration dampening device

ball clip: ball clip winding to: grip

tennis: racket beat neck : throat

film surface: racket face big shot surface: oversize

in the film surface: midplussize in the film surface: midsize

Grip: handle Grip thickness: grip size

dessert: sweet spot of tennis shoes: tennis shoes

Tennis cap: cap Tennis skirt: skirt

shoot strings: string racket: frame

shot string pounds: tension power levels: power level

ball type: stroke st yle rotation speed: swing speed

Hardness: stiffness control: control

equilibrium point: balance shot string type: string pattern

across the strings: crosses erected to wear strings: mains

racket head size: head size racket Length: length

beat box Thickness: construction material composition: composition

Carbon Fiber: graphite glass fiber: fiberglass

Titanium Metals : titaniom

2. technical terms.

grip: grip Oriental grip: eastern grip

Western-style grip: western grip Continental grip: continented grip

forehand: fore hand backhand: back hand

forehand swing: forehand swings one-handed backhand stroke: one-hander backhand

backhand swing: backhand swings his hands backhand: two-hander backhand

circular cited shoot: circular backswing Citation shoot straight: flat backswing

ping batting: flat pumping the ball: drive

top spin: top spin, under spin: back spin

Serve: service or serve drop: ball toss

shell-serve: cannon ball first serve: first serve

2nd serve: second serve volley: volley

forehand volley: forehand volley backhand volley: backhand volley

High Ball: overhead smash lob: deferssive lab

return of serve: received forehand chop: slice forehand

backhand slice: slice backhand forehand spin: forehand top spin

flat right-hand shots: forehand flat are men spin: forehand back spin

backhand topspin: backhand top spin backhand flat shots: backhand flat

backhand backspin: backhand back spin put small Ball: drop shot

straight ball: down the line shot crosscourt: crosscourt shot

ball-point: contact point long shot: long ball

the deep ball: deep ball down the earth: ground stroke

hit bounce the ball: half volley attack: attack

Placement: placement attack the ball: forcing shot

open-end stations: open stance closing stations: closed stance

Sui Fai: finish-step: foot work

swivel: nip rotation angle of shoot surface: vertical face

Internet -type players: net player baseline player: base-line player

3. international tennis tournament organization and terminology.

International Tennis Federation: International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Men's International Professional Tennis Association: Association Tennis Professional (ATP)

International WTA: Women's Tennis Association (WTA)

Wimbledon Competition: Wimblendon

U.S. Open: US Open

French Open: French Open

Australian Open: Austria Open

Davis Cup: Davis Cup

Federation Cup: Federation Cup

Hopman Cup: Hopmen Cup

super-nine game: Super 9.

Grand Slam: Grand Slam

Championship: Championship

4. games and referee terminology.

foot wrong: foot fault Foul: fault shot

Serve directly Score: ace serve errors: fault

double-faults: double fault re-issued: let

rub net: net replay: replay

tee is invalid: the let in service live ball view: ball in play

lost sub: to lose point Score: to win point

Pressure Line ball: ball falls on line out of bounds: out

did not see: unsighted gestures: hands signal

wrestling racket: abuse of raquet warning: warning

penalty: point penalty two-hop: not up

accidental interference : invasion break: rest period

the body touches the net: body touch replaced with new ball: ball change

pick sides: toss single office number: an add number of game

the number of pairs of Bureau: an even number of game ready to exercise: warm-up

points: point Bureau: game

set: set game point: game point

Inventory: set point Match Point: match point

break points: break point 0 min: love

15 hours: fifteen 30 minutes: thirty

40 hours: forty 15 Level: fifteen all

split: deuce take precedence: advantage

Serve precedence: advantage server serve receive precedence: advantage receiver

singles: singles doubles: doubles

Mixed doubles: mixed doubles exchange tee: change service

exchange Venue: change sides 3 two wins: the best of three

five sets: the best of five preliminaries: qualifying matches

the first round: the first round quarter-finals: quarterfinals

Semi-finals: semifinals Final: final

tie-break system: tiebreak Long plate system: advantage set

grab 7 Board: tie-break wild card: wild card (WC)

seeds: seeded players are selected players: main draw players

bye: bye game before the start of Abstaining: withdraw

game Abstaining: retired (RET) to prepare: ready

race start: play ball Rank: ranking

referee: chair umpaire network Referee Secretary: net, cord judge

linesman: linesmen caddy: ball boy (ball kids)

foot wrong Referee: foot fault judge's singles match: the singles game (men's, women's)

doubles match: the doubles game Challenge: challenger

hope the game: futures Invitational: invitational match

satellite tournament: satellite veteran race: veterans' match

Youth Cup: junior match exhibition: exhibition

Open: open friendly: friendly match

qualifying tournament: qualifying competition elimination rounds: main draw match

qualifiers: qualifier match international rankings: international ranking

national rankings: national ranking competition system: tournament systems

Round Robin System: singles round robin elimination system: elimination system

Racket Tennis Racket

Love 0 points (from French)

Grand slam that won consecutive Wimbledon \ USOpen \ FrenchOpen \ AustralianOpen four events

Ground strock bounce after hitting the ball landed the most basic play (pumping the ball)

Vollry volley Smash smash

Kill kill the ball. so that the other weak defense of the golf ball

Lob hanging.

Drop shot hanging balls

Forehand forehand

Backhand backhand

Top spin on the

Back spin spin spin the ball under the ball

Net touch

Serve Tennis



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