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Now the U.S. Open is the first sessions of the ah?

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is the first 129 th U.S. Open,

U.S. Open Tennis U.S. Open is one of the four Grand Slam events, held annually from August to September.

U.S. Open total includes five individual, that is, men's singles, women's singles, women's doubles, men's doubles and mixed doubles, mixed doubles is worth mentioning that the early years of this century by the men's singles performances evolved.

The first session of the United States men's tennis tournament in August 1881 then in the United States Rhode Island's Newport Casino (Newport Casino) was held, there were only members of the U.S. National Tennis Association can participate in, and since then Newport As a tennis center held 34 consecutive years of tennis.

Men's doubles match the previous seven years (1881-1886) was carried out in conjunction with the men's singles, in fact, the United States that the United States Open tennis championships on nine occasions in history, held in different locations, which including the United States Tennis Association The National Tennis Center.

1887, which is an annual men's championship tournament as the norms of six years after the first session of the official organizations of the United States women's singles championship at the Philadelphia Cricket Club, in 1889, women's doubles also became a project of this game. In the United States Open in all five individual, the women's singles competition venues are the most stable one - only three years of site for holding: Philadelphia, the West Side Tennis Club and the United States Tennis Center.

National Mixed Doubles Championship The official start time for the 1892, when the women's singles and doubles is jointly conducted by the. Until 1921, mixed doubles tennis championships and the United States to carry out a men's doubles.

From 1968 onwards, held at Forest Hill in New York set of five major U.S. tennis championships as one of the U.S. Open tennis tournament has been classified as an official. That year the total prize money of 10 million, a total of 96 male and 63 female athletes participated in the men's and women's events race. (Mixed doubles events in 1968 is not listed.)

The impact of the U.S. Open, though not as Wimbledon, but higher than Australia, and even French Open. Once a year, usually between August to September. Start called "National Championship", and that only by participating in an amateur tournament. Through unremitting efforts to the organizing committee, the U.S. network was developed from the amateur tournament up to now the world's richest grand slam. Now the summer each year in the United States National Tennis Center of the U.S. Open can attract more than 500,000 fans to watch.

:::: History::::

the United States Open, the first race was in 1881, held in Newport, Rhode Island, was just the domestic competitions, and only men's singles, usually held in August-September, after the Once a year. Later, in pursuit of more entertainment factor, only increased the women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles, mixed doubles four projects. The women's competition began in 1887. 1968 U.S. Open was officially listed as one of the four Open, with five individual competitions each year in the last four at the Open Championship. Since 1915, moved to New York to compete wald in 1970, changed its name to U.S. Open. U.S. Open men's singles championship history has been a Newport club, casino access, there were only registered in the United States National Tennis Association are eligible to participate in a club tournament the U.S. network.



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