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With regard to the choice of table tennis bats

bald f2010-02-25 02:11:02 +0000 #1
I have calculated that a beginning to intermediate amateur ping-pong between the lovers

Recent want to buy a 150 from top to bottom of the racket

to Pen, and there should be what kinds of glue, a friend told me that a good Tianyi?

I would like to combine offensive and defensive. the one hand side to attack anti-adhesive glue, so good Mody?

What should we do if the bad it is up to?

trouble to glue and shoot models have told about.

would like to give more, but only 17 minutes .. the trouble .. we all have had!
RBCD20092010-02-25 02:26:23 +0000 #2
offensive anti-adhesive glue? ! Have not heard such a name for. Attack the other side of this argument is also wrong side of defense, and regardless of horizontal straight, can all be offensive and defensive sides, unless you pull straight grip will not go back. You have to tell me what you grip, as well as technical features ah. 100 The following only buy finished filming, I QQ1125134042
hfrsdsy2010-02-25 02:51:08 +0000 #3
Shanghai Double Happiness is a good brand-name
back No. 152010-02-25 03:12:22 +0000 #4
Tianyi is the glue of friendship in a board to buy China-made three-dimensional line I have a pretty good 100 or so Well look at buying plastic lz friendship of the play 729 999 are still relatively cheap prices can be a good reference Taobao



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