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Tennis rules, the right-hand man can change the use?

quintouvan2010-02-26 08:11:03 +0000 #1
1, in the course of the race, could catch the ball in the process of changing hands 【】 catch?

2, with the game, a number of different Bureau, can change hands?

3, the same level of competition, different screening, can changing hands? That is, 【whether the first round of the left hand, the second round of the right hand】? 2010-01-23 16:48

a supplementary question, has anyone ever tried to change hands?

2, you can shoot with both hands holding?
UC14140104672010-02-26 08:19:40 +0000 #2
In the tennis tournament at any time can be traded, whatever you left hand, right hand or both hands holding shot, but hit the ball when the racket shall not leave the grip of your clapping, that can not throw the racket hit the ball, deliberately throwing the racket hit the ball shall be punished by a warning or penalty.



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