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Zheng Jie of Haining, the odds How much?

Deep blue2010-02-26 18:10:53 +0000 #1

ninja invincible2010-02-26 18:22:19 +0000 #2
In accordance with the present situation, Zheng Jie should have 4 or 4 into a half into the possibility of Zheng Jie is not afraid of wearing shoes barefoot, and should not burden, just a historic four-Qiang Jin Heart Valve Timing-wang, the bottom line technology unlike Haining worse, but Henin-Hardenne, after all, have a profound skill, especially one-handed backhand, can mobilize large-angle rapid change and attacks, which is the bottom line players afraid of. We look forward to Zheng Jie to find weaknesses and Henin-Hardenne defeated by a breakthrough! Support Zheng Jie!
United Kingdom2010-02-26 18:49:17 +0000 #3
historic break into the Australian Open semi-finals after the real-time integration Zheng Jie reached 2260 points and jumped from No. 29 up to No. 20. If Zheng Jie to win the final Henin-Hardenne into final, Zheng Jie's ranking will continue to rise to 18th place, and if Li Na lost to Da-wei, Zheng Jie to win the title again miraculously, she's ranking will enter the top 10. However, the strength and experience point of view, Zheng Jie and want to move forward very little hope.

A "Tin Hau" Zheng reputation will suffer the next round of matches the real days - the former world No. 1 Henin-Hardenne. Deus Ex from the death zone, Henin-Hardenne proved to all her capabilities. No. 5 seed Elena Dementieva, in-form fellow 维克梅耶尔, morale Masamori's Nadia Petrova, Henin-Hardenne gave each of her opponents to create a big trouble, but in the end they are nothing but winning her. Tough character, gorgeous single, accurate forehand, Henin-Hardenne general can fully expresses its own merits.

Zheng Jie and Henin-Hardenne has a lot of similarities between two people are in the same short stature, with a strong spirit of nerves and never admit defeat. Haining SLR Yiqijuechen, while Zheng Jie's backhand has Yijizhiming capabilities. Yet another strength of competition experience and comprehensive technical and tactical ability to see, the gap between Zheng Jie and Haining fairly obvious. The only time the two men fighting hand to hand in Toronto in 2005, when Henin-Hardenne to 6-2/6-4 easily defeated Zheng Jie. And five years later, two people apparently more powerful than those of the time.



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