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Germany An Zhuoer shore degrees android Introduction

Gao_97742010-02-26 21:10:17 +0000 #1
Does anyone know the brand in Germany andro table tennis in Chinese is called: shore-degree brand's history and the story do?
cpa · mydream2010-02-26 21:19:38 +0000 #2
Louzhu good

shore degrees is relatively young Brand should not have deep roots

I only know that a degree of endorsement began to shore when the big shore degrees Severin Severin designed rubber bottom and sleeve (which is what Severin is the second peak period of 1991, after winning the men's singles runner-up 2000 entered the World Cup semi-finals 46 th men's team runner-up)

shore degrees later is now a spokesman for Germany's Jesus

shore degree of product sets of plastic

bottom floor a little more I feel as if carbon-carbon panels are more shore-degree one look at is the key for the European market because of Asia such as China with South Korea's few professional athletes are generally five-or seven carbon pure wood floor characteristics of shore-degree is the introduction of carbon

shore-degree sets of glue and apply more than the bottom set of plastic Ashkenazi style is also a more well-known large-storage high-tension rubber such as shore-degree 450.43 thousand are well known



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