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Girls Chinese Li Na and Zheng Jie need to give the State 8% -12% bonus. Then the other players do ab

lanbojini888882010-02-27 00:10:23 +0000 #1
Other overseas players do not need the money to the state bar

In addition, I want to know is the current Australian Open prize money tax-paying how much per cent ah

Li Na, Zheng Jie now everyone at hand is the 40w Australian or U.S. dollars how much tax to pay ah
3047450572010-02-27 00:20:19 +0000 #2
40w Australian 2009 Australian Open women's singles prize money (in dollars) for each round of allocation:

Champion $ 1.62 million, runner-up $ 810000, half of the final $ 365000,4 one-one-final $ 182500,16 $ 51000,64 $ 88000,32 one-one-$ 31,000, the first round of the $ 19400, with a total $ 7.6436 million. They enter the semi-finals is 19400 +31000 +88000 +182500 = 324.5 thousand $ 400 thousand Australian dollars which is combined, co-yuan 2.4 million.

"The People's Republic of China Individual Income Tax Law" clearly provides that the provincial government, the State Council ministries and People's Liberation Army units and above, as well as foreign organizations, international organizations issued by the sports bonus, exempt from personal income tax.

So, paying taxes under the law, the amount is nil! ! ! Winning glory for the country to avoid the tax on it, I think it is correct.



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