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Tennis scores Why not use 1234

ak_pig2010-02-27 00:10:36 +0000 #1
Why is tennis scoring is 0,15,30,40, Advanced, rather than the general 1,2,3,4 that? Is there any historical reason?

In addition, 0 points, then the time reported scores generally reported as love, such as 0-15 would be said to be love-fifteen, then why read as 0 points love it? Could it be because the 0 and love, as do the pattern? !
yagayi2010-02-27 00:13:21 +0000 #2
Why is "15" "30" "40"?

Tennis with 15 as the basic unit of scoring was started in the 15th century, when a full Council has 60 points, while 60 of this fraction can be divided into four 15 points, 15 in ancient times the figure is of special significance According to a named Qin Gauss thought that tennis with 15 as the basic unit is set by reference to astronomical sextant out

sextant and 1 / 6 round, like, a total of 60 degrees, then 60 seconds per unit Tennis a Board for the four points, four are divided into 15 once, but four of 15 degrees can also constitute a 1 / 6 round, so on the use of 15 balls into the base to calculate the pros and cons of each sub-As to the 45 to 40, time-sharing in order to pronounce the simple and therefore reported the formation of the modern "15" "30" "40" in scoring the origin of

LOVE tennis originated in France, such as people around the world in general, the French also like to egg on behalf of zero-mean transported them to tennis \ dynamic when used to draw an oval that there is no score, while the French word for egg I'oeuf when tennis introduced in the UK, the British find the word in the English pronunciation of Love and I'oeuf the same, so since then into account time-Love in the tennis tournament on behalf of the meaning of zero
Yvic782010-02-27 00:46:33 +0000 #3
- First, to correct a mistake: 0,15,30,40, Advantage (precedence, and then only when the two sides labeled 40:40 one party to emerge was a time-sharing).

- Again tennis originated in France, but was developed in the United Kingdom, at the time was so called, initially score should 0,15,30,45, won, but the 45 (forty-five) than any other number is called more than one syllable, in order to save trouble later on changed to 40.

- The last 0 in the English language should be zero / o, but called it tennis originated in France, which the pronunciation of 0 inside the school into a French pronunciation (loeu't) in love with the English pronunciation is very close to



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