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A tennis novice trying to learn tennis (no space, experience, and opponents)

xg4670282072010-02-27 00:10:42 +0000 #1
I want to learn tennis, but there is no space, experience, and the opponent, only one person practice, feasible? Need to simulate painting venues do? Specific to how practice?
zhanglicious2010-02-27 00:16:33 +0000 #2
give you a sincere suggestions:

Do not lose at the starting line, since the money would like to spend time and energy to learn to play tennis at the outset not to waste them, first find a professional coach and venue, take a moment to money to play a good basis for the entry, professional feel and ask a professional who can tell what, really like it, to insist on.

E Nanhai Oil Hotel there, there are coaches, 100-120 yuan for one hour, there is space, one hour 30-50 yuan.

Another: There is a ball, you should have seen, a header with an elastic line, the other has a gravity plate placed on the ground, with a special call played to the beat, feel great tennis. To try the next bar.

Tennis is a good movement, I love tennis, I hope you will!
lishiguao2010-02-27 00:42:30 +0000 #3
1, serving

on the serve, I think it is a novice to learn a part of the most difficult. I am also, I have until now not a very good serve. But I think, serve the most important thing is to throw strike. Some people are not throwing is throwing high low, but in fact, everyone has their own most appropriate drop height, the most suitable for their own sweet spot, this and height is no connection. Of course, there are inherent advantages of tall tee, as he points higher. In general, there is a standard drop height, you bat held vertically higher than you give the vertical height of the racket a little higher is your standard drop height, and as long as it falls into your fields close to holding the racket parts of the heart, you can hit balls. Drop generally throw 1:00 into the stadiums. Drop another ball when the hands should be open to 90 degrees backward, then Qu legs, jumping, ball. Qu legs have toes touch the ground, we go fly. When hitting the ball out of his arm stretched Zhi Ji. Wrist shots, but also pressure. Drop, the drop can be made of the hand moves around the abdomen. This will not affect his next shot, they were not hit his racket. If it will not, then go to practice soccer inside the drop bar, tennis and soccer ball moves inside the drop action is the same.

2, high-pressure tennis ball

pressure the ball is inside a deceptively simple, but in reality a good grasp of the technology. I saw the information is saying that. When you hit the ball high and not get shot in the hand should be pointing to the ball, let the ball drop can be vertical clutching the ball is to let the ball fall on your hand vertical. Take pictures of the hand like a ball, like 90 degrees back open, so the ball fall into the sweet spot of your shot when you get the ball down the stretch to pressure. Remember, shots, hands should be straight. Also outward pressure wrist, this could make shots, force larger. If it is near net pressure the ball, the angle to open. If it is close to the bottom line pressure the ball, then Yao Da depth is also the location of the bottom line to reach the other side. Is this their best interest. One important point is that the face of high-altitude flying in golf, the Do not facing the ball upturned to the back, pointing the ball must use cross-step backwards. High-pressure the ball the most important thing is not a force, is the angle.

3, the net volley tennis

Internet is undoubtedly a very important technology. For us beginners, nor is it a good master, because it is easy for people to enter the misunderstanding. First, when the other side the ball back too shallow, you can use cutting the ball cut the ball back to the bottom line to the other side as far as the deep point, angle opening point. The other side of the ball back to your site near the service line you can cut the ball back with the Internet, and errors to a lot of people are bent to volley the ball enough, to intercept, it is wrong, interception should be qu legs, but the waist should be straight, but also toes touch the ground, the pace is friction toes on the ground, like skipping the same. Lateral movement can be stepped, cross-cloth enough to go to four, hit the ball, the pace of

the pace of fact, we will be, but still a lot of people go with a small split step, it makes all of us are consuming physical, with the ball is also slow. Everyone loves William sisters play it, in fact they are is to use open-ended the pace can allow himself to run a few steps less, bluntly, is to cross to go to move, to start. The pace can be a step big points. Just practicing, when not used to cross-step, they immediately turned back split step back to go, but as long as you have more to remind myself that the race will be on the familiar. We will actually hit the ball, I would say that is an open ball in. Are making it, mainly to handle the subsequent stretch out. Generally straight progresses. Taken the first step in the right leg. Face after commencement of the body should be absolutely still when you hit the ball, using twist it about to launch with the strength of the waist with a big arm drive arm to form a racket like a whip, like batting. End of the ball hit the ball can be hit about the location of stop, so the judge can keep the ball, be aware of. Molik is one such. Usually in the bottom line is not the best time to attack, but Serena is always the bottom line on the hair strength. This is her style. But her hand movements are very standard, specification. Is a face absolutely still staring at the ball. A good habit. Backhand is to be straight (semi-open) next to open the batting. Is also made with the twist of the waist edge. Because I like Serena playing, so backhand are hit with her open, arm is curved, made mainly by arm strength. In short, the ball will depend on personal feeling.

5, the other

Others actually no, that is, when playing golf, regardless of where the ball, you should be staring at the ball to play. So as to maintain attention and to predict in advance the ball and react. There is really no way to win for beginners, if the other side, then you put that into each other's shoulder-high topspin balls, golf location in each other's shoulders would be tough for the other side, but good offense. There is also the racket, and beginners Do not buy the kind of small attack tempo, which is used by professional athletes, professional athletes sometimes have to find the exact Tin Sum. Beginners to buy the kind of film on the big points of offensive and defensive side shot, woman can also be big on the 1st, then all of the defense.
wang11255552010-02-27 00:33:42 +0000 #4
could only practice basic moves like Kazakhstan and to lay the ball Do not be afraid to spend some money ah good to have teachers to teach about the specialty store



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