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Li, though out, but you can see the strength that she could contend with the Williams

honey micro-tears2010-02-27 03:10:47 +0000 #1
I'm afraid reading from start to finish, and two 7 to 6, say strength, Li Na, a fight with them, but the key to handling the ball , experience is also lacking. Li, indeed, Asia has never been seen in women's tennis players
Demi Lemon2010-02-27 03:26:05 +0000 #2
tee has really been lacking. The bottom line, the Li is indeed a world-class. But also in many of today's game balls, Li Na, are to fight. Strength of the world, regardless of class should be from top to bottom. Li Na played great today, many threats to bring Serena to see Serena grab seven minutes when Li's serve when making a rallying cry, I know how much pressure Serena great 啦! If the Na Why lose the ball, then this may be one off the tee, to see Serena's serve really a terrorist, ACES at a critical time when the total can come on Serena's serve machines are indeed worthy of the name, the second is the key to the ball handling of it, in a few should be the key to winning the ball, Li Na is not handling it well, giving Williams the chance. But the whole game, down, feel the strength of Li is absolutely world-class, Asia's first is not an exaggeration.

Although there are no miracles, but in the grand slam into the semi-finals for the Li or the upgrading of the Asian Women's tennis player is also of great help to bar!
Clever 7772010-02-27 03:22:17 +0000 #3
I think the most fundamental is not a lack of experience also, but the strength of Mo Fabi, that chimpanzees play and sometimes it is not unreasonable, that is, the power to win.

Not now say that such a case, from what I see great prestige for the first time since I felt that she destroyed the beauty of tennis.
shingkit2010-02-27 04:09:37 +0000 #4
key, or serve it, people is power, no way. , Who told people wave big then, wave forces on the Great Great!



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