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ground rules

(1) tee

1. Serve before the provisions of the players off the tee should be preceded by

hair stand on end line, the midpoint and the edges of the assumed that the area between the extension, the hand-toss the ball into the air in any direction, the ball touch the ground before the ball with the racket (for athletes with one hand only, available racket ball toss). Racket contact with the ball, even if the completion of sending the ball.

2. Serves the players when the provisions of

hair moves across the ball, no walking or running through the station to change the original position, standing on two feet only provides location, not touching other regions.

3. Fat position players

(1) Every Board start by right area end line after a goal, or is missing one point, it should be changed to serve the left area.

(2) the issue should be online over the ball, fell on each other's serve right corner area, or its surrounding online

4. Driving mistakes

does not hit the ball; the issuance of the ball, hit the floor before the implant (the ball net, the center and network edge with white, except); violation of the provisions of tee stations. For the first time the players made mistakes in serving, it should be in primary position, a second serve.


Serve touches the net after the ball is invalid, still serve the area fell on the other side, then the ball players are not ready to get prepared; should be re-serve.

6. Exchange bureaux serving

first game ended, then the players in becoming a player, serving as catcher. After the end of each round. Were followed by the exchange until the end of the game.

(B) of the General

1. The exchange of venue

the two sides should set the first of each odd-numbered 1,3,5, etc. Board concluded, and after the end of the two sides of each plate number of the Board and for the singular, the exchange site.

2. Lose points

any of the following conditions are sentenced to lose points.

(1) In the ball touch the ground before the second could not fight back over the net.

(2) hit back hit the ball the other market areas outside the boundaries of the ground, fixtures, or other objects.

(3) fight back air ball failure.

(4) The intentional use of racket ball more than once.

(5) The athlete's body, racket, the ball touches the net during the period.

(6) over the net shot.

(7) polishing film shot

3. Pressure contour line of the ball

ball landed considered fair ball.

(3) Doubles

1.'s Doubles serve the order of

the beginning of the first game of each set by the serving side has decided who to serve first, the other side is again at the beginning of the first two Board decided and by whom to serve first. No. 3 Bureau serving side by the first one bureau to another player serve. 4 Council Office by the first two players off the tee serve another master. The following rank order for the Council here to serve.

2.'s Doubles in the order of

first catch the ball side of a bureau should be the beginning of the first, to determine who the first return of serve, and in this dish odd Bureau, to continue to the first return of serve. The two sides should also be the beginning of the first two Board decided to whom the return of serve, and in this Council continues to set the number of pairs of the first return of serve. Their peers should be the return of serve in rotation for each bureau.

3.'s Doubles retaliate

return of serve, the parties shall alternately strike back by any one player. If players hit the ball in their dealings with team members, after them, and then racket ball, the penalty is the other scores.

(D) scoring

1. Win a sub

experience the following situation, the other side wins a sub-sub-:

1, the players made two consecutive errors or a foot wrong when you serve.

2, then sent the ball players do not touch the ground before hitting with the racket or the ball hit his body and the clothing worn by time.

3, the second floor before the ball over the net when you can not fight back.

4, but also touched on the other side hitting the ground outside the boundaries of the site area, fixture or other object when the.

5, fight back the air the ball fails.

6, in the game, the players deliberately hit or catch the ball with the racket in towing, or deliberately hit the ball with the racket more than once, when.

7, "live ball" during the athlete's body, bat (whether in the hand grip) or the wearing of other objects touching the net, net column, singles pillar, rope or wire rope, the center belt, white or other network edge within the market area venue on the ground.

8, hit back over the net yet to air the ball (hit the ball over the net).

9, in addition to grip in your hand (either one hand or both hands) of the racket, the athlete's body or an object ball wear.

10, throwing shooting shots.

11, the match, the athlete deliberately change their racket shape.

2. A Board

(a) each win a ball is worth 1 point, 4 points wins the first victory by a bureau.

(2) Both sides had each won a three time-sharing to "split", split after the victory margin of two is divided into a bureau.

3. 1

(1) a party to win the first six Board to win one.

(2) the parties have each won five bureaux, one party wins margin of two Board for a

4. Tiebreaker scoring system

in each disk Bureau is 6 usually has the following two kinds of scoring system.

(1) Long drive system: one side margin of two wins a Bureau.

(2) a short drive system (tie-break): deciding set, except, unless otherwise specified before the game in general should follow the following approach to the implementation.

A. served 7 pm the winner the council and the disk (if the score of 6 normal times, the party will have a net 2 points).

B. The first starter-fat, subsection 1, the ball, the other party made the first 2,3 minutes the ball, and then in turn made two-point shot until the end of the game.

C. 1-point shot made in the right area, the first two-point shot made in the left area, the first 3-point shot made in the right area.

D. Every six hours the end of the ball and gaming venues must be exchanged.

5. Short in the scoring system

(1) Section 1 ball (0-0), made the players made a sub-A ball, a ball-point shot after the change.

(2) Section 2,3 goals (reported 1:0 or 0:1, 15:0, or 12:15 and not reporting it), from B tee, B bursts of two hours after the change of service the ball, starting with the left area serve .

(3) Section 4,5 goals (reported 3:0 or 1:2,2:1, not reporting 40:0 or 15:30, 30:15), from A ball, A, after firing two goals for After serving for serving, start with the left area serve.

(4) Section 6,7 goals (reported 2:4,4:2 or 1:5,5:1 or 3:3 or 6:0,0: 6), made a point shot from the B after the exchange of venue If the game had not been completed, B continue to issue the first seven balls.

(5) scores hit 5:5,6:6,7:7,8:8 ... ... should be subject to consecutive two points can decide who pays the winner. However, in a unified scoring table is written as 7:6.

(6) Once on shore, after the deciding game, players change ends the Israeli side.


Implemented knockout competition system. Game, men's Grand Slam events, and some inter Masters Series final with five sets other than the system used in all three sets system. The women's competition system used in all three sets.

(5) Site Rules

1. Course

stadium should be the length of 78 feet (23.77 meters) wide and 27 feet (8.23 meters) of the rectangle. Hanging in the middle by a maximum diameter of 1 / 3 inch (0.8 centimeters) thick rope or wire rope on the net separately.


The net ball net cord or thick rope maximum diameter of 1 / 3 inch (0.8 cm), net at both ends should be attached to or hung on the two net post top of the net post should be a side length of not more than 6 inches ( 15 cm) square square columns or diameter of 6 inches (15 cm) columns. Net post can not exceed the net ropes to the top 1 inch (2.5 cm). The mid-point of each survey grid columns should be 3 feet away from the venue (0.914 m), net column height should be made net cord or rope to the top of the vertical distance from the ground 3 feet 6 inches (1.07 meters). In single-hung double-doubles dual-use sites for singles play network game, the net should be 2 a height of 3 feet 6 inches (1.07 meters) of the "singles sting" support, the strut cross-section should be the side length of less than 3-inch (7.5 cm) square square columns or diameter less than 3 inches (7.5 cm) columns. The midpoint of each side's singles sting should be 3 feet away from the singles sideline (0.914 meters). The net need to be fully opened in order to be able to effectively fill the space between two pillars, and effectively open all mesh, mesh size of nets to prevent the ball from the ball through the middle. The midpoint of the height of the net should be 3 feet (0.914 meters), and used no more than 2 inches (5 cm) wide white belt is completely tightened down fixed. Internet side of the net cord ball or use a white rope belt wrapped live, the width of each side ranging from 2 inches (5 cm) to 2.5 inches (6.35 cm). In the net, mesh belt and singles can not have ads on the sting.

3. Course Line

pitch both ends of the line is called the bottom line, on both sides of the line is called sidelines. Net on both sides of the ball at a distance of 21 feet (6.4 meters) where the draw a line parallel with the net for the service line. The net with the ball on each side of the composition of lines and edges of the site no longer be serving the central line is divided into two equal areas, in order to service area, serving the central line is a service line connecting the mid-point and with two edges parallel to the line width to be to 2 inches (5 cm). The bottom line for every one had been a long 4-inch (10 cm) wide and 2 inches (5 cm) midline of the assumption that serve to extend the line is divided into two equal parts, separated by a short-term, the short-term as a "midpoint", which The bottom line was located at right angles and attached to the floor from the bottom-line painting. In addition to the maximum width of the bottom line can not exceed 4 inches (10 cm), all other lines the width should be 1 inch (2 centimeters) to 2 inches (5 cm) between the. All measurements should be based on the outer edge line shall prevail.

4. A permanent fixture

tennis courts and a permanent fixture not only include the net, net column, singles poles, net rope, wire rope, the center zone and mesh belt, the following situation is considered a permanent fixture, such as the golf course side of the four baffle, spectator stand, around the golf course fixed or movable chairs, as well as the audience, as well as all the top venues around and supporting facilities, as well as the location for their own scheduled referee, Division net referees, foot wrong referees, linesmen and ball child. (ITF Note: To enable the full implementation of this rule, "judge" means the sitting seat stadium referee referee, and all referees in the game to help law enforcement staff)

If your ad is located in the back of the Secretary-line stadium chairs behind the ad can not include white or yellow. Light only in the line of sight without interfering with the case of players allowed to use. (ITF Note 1: In the Davis Cup, Fed Cup and ITF-sponsored tournament, for the bottom line and sidelines on both sides of the back of the size of the specific requirements of the region were included in the relevant provisions of the tournament. ITF statement 2: For the club and amateur players, the bottom line from the back of the venue at least 18 feet (5.5 meters) away from the side edges of at least 10 feet (3.05 meters))

(6) Competition Equipment Rules

1. the ball

ball outside the court need for the unity of textile materials, packages, color is white or yellow, seams need to trace a seamless line. Need to be consistent with the size of the ball in Appendix 1 of article IV of the requirements (detection of the ball there are three in the rules specify), weight should be between 2 ounces (56.7 grams) and 2 further 1 / 6 ounces (58.5 grams) between the. From the 100-inch (254 cm) height to the concrete floor to free fall campaign, the rebound height should be between 53 inches (134.62 centimeters) and 58 inches (147.32 centimeters) between the. When the ball is applied to 18 pounds (8.165 kilograms) of pressure, the inward elastic deformation occurs should be between 0.22 inches (0.559 cm) and 0.29 inches (0.737 centimeters), with a rebound after compression deformation should range from 0.315 inches (0.8 cm) and 0.425 inches (1.08 cm) between the. These two kinds of deformation data should be based on the ball three-axis test to be average. In each case the difference between any two data can not be larger than 0.03 inches (0.076 cm).

If at an altitude of 4000 feet (1219 meters) high to compete, we need to adopt the other two special balls. The first is a high degree of inter jumping to between 48 inches (121.92 centimeters) and 53 inches (134.62 centimeters), the also to make the ball's internal pressure is greater than the external pressure, the other side is identical with the above description, this ball often referred to as pressurized ball; the second addition to bouncing the ball high to 53 inches (134.62 centimeters) and 58 inches (147.32 centimeters) between, but also to make the ball pressure is approximately equal to the external pressure, and can be the altitude specified venues to keep more than 60 days, the other side is identical with the above description, this ball is often referred to as zero-pressure ball or non-pressure the ball.

All about the ball bounce, size, and deformation of the test, need to comply with the provisions of Appendix 1.

International Tennis Federation will have any questions about whether a ball or samples meet the above criteria, or whether it can be approved for the issue of race ruling. Such a ruling may be to initiate acts of ITF itself may also be the basis of all really interested in, or including any player, equipment manufacturer or the national tennis association, and their members to carry out the application. Such decisions should be based on ITF application and the review and hearing processes.

(ITF Note: All rules in accordance with this tennis match tennis used to be listed in the official ITF issued by the ITF approved ball list.)

2. Rackets

does not meet the following requirements of the racket is not permit in accordance with the rules of the game to be used:

a. racket ball surface should be flat from the box connected to the racket strings on the film composition of the Uniform Rules, shoots the place where the cross strings are interwoven or combined with each other a; film composed of strings should be broadly consistent with the sample, the central density can not be less than the other regions, particularly the density. The design and wear a racket strings should give the pros and cons on both sides of the racket at the ball when the nature of the general consistency.

Shot line that there should be an adjunct or highlight objects, unless the appendages and very clear that only used to limit and prevent the shot string wear and tear, tearing, or vibration, and its size and location must also be reasonable.

B. From January 1, 1997 onwards, the use of race in professional ball patted the total length of the box (including the Grip) can not be more than 27 inches (73.66 cm). From January 1, 2000 onwards, in non-professional game ball used in the total length of the pat box (including the Grip) can not be more than 27 inches (73.66 cm). Prior to this, the use of non-professional game racket to send the maximum length of 32 inches (81.28 centimeters). The total width of the film frame can not exceed 12 then 1 / 2 inches (31.75 centimeters). The total length of the plane wearing a string can not be more than 15 then 1 / 2 inches (39.37 centimeters), with a total width of not more than 11 then 1 / 2 inches (29.21 centimeters).

C. beat box, including the Grip can not have appendages and installations, unless the appendages and very clear that only used to limit and prevent the racket wear, cracking, vibration, or to adjust the weight distribution, and its Size and location must also be reasonable.

Pitch types

[editOf this paragraph]

can be divided into outdoor and indoor tennis courts, golf course and there is a variety of surfaces. Their will be determined by economic factors. For example, lawn tennis is the most basic outdoor venue, but its establishment and maintenance costs are too expensive, so now replaced by the artificial pitch, it is cheaper easier to maintain. There is another popular clay courts in Europe, the French Open, this golf course shall be.

Grass field grass pitch is the oldest and most traditional means of a venue. Characterized by the ball on the ground floor with friction is small, the ball rebound speed of the player's reaction, sensitive, running speed and skills required is very high. Therefore, the grass is often seen as "offensive tennis" in the world, serving the Internet, with the ball the Internet and other online storm tactics almost be regarded as a magic weapon for winning on the grass tennis court, the bottom line-type player in the grass tennis court and difficult accomplished. However, due to the nature of grass pitches on the grass, a very high specification, combined with climatic constraints and the costly maintenance and maintenance costs could hardly be extended to around the world. At present the annual professional tennis tournament only a handful of grass are almost always held in England three islands, and the time to focus on six or seven months, Wimbledon Championships is one of the oldest and most prestigious one.


more accurate to say that "soft pitch", which is the most typical representative of the French Open on clay sites. In addition, the common variety of sand, mud, etc. can be called soft sites. Such ball landing site is characterized by greater friction with the ground, the ball is slower, the players in the running, especially in the emergency stop emergency there would be a great sliding back room, which determines the player must possess than in the other venues on a better physical fitness, running, and mobility, as well as the quality will be more stubborn. In such a venue on the race for the bottom line players locked in a stalemate is a great test of skill, players usually have to pay several times the sweat and patience in the bottom-line deal with their rivals, winning more often than not play aggressive serve Internet-based players, while the The bottom line is the hard side.

Modern hard most of the game field are hard on the tennis court, and it is the most common, the most common type of venue. Hard tennis court generally made of concrete and asphalt pave the way, its painted in red, green plastic surface layer, its surface smooth, high hardness, the ball bouncing is very regular, but the ball rebounded rapidly. A lot of good tennis players that hard tennis more "explosive" and hard court tennis tournament in dominant position, to be more respected. It must be noted that the hard texture of the site as other good elasticity, surface reaction of strong and stiff, so easy to cause injury to the players, and this damage has made a lot of good tennis players have paid a very high price.

Carpet market

the name suggests, this is a "portable" can roll up the tennis court, and its surface is a plastic surface layer, the surface layer of nylon weave, usually with a special glue adhesive on a certain intensity and hardness of asphalt, concrete the concrete substrate can be ground, and some can even be rolled or bonded directly at any supportive of the ground, its volume shop convenient, suitable for transportation and there is very strong adaptability, indoor and outdoor and even the roof can be used. Subject to site the speed of the ball surface roughness and the carpet surface roughness determined. During the maintenance on this site is very simple, as long as keeping the floor clean, not damaged, no water (for matching with the corresponding drainage facilities) on it.

(6) Tennis Terminology:

• Racket Tennis Racket

• Love 0 points (from French)

• Grand slam that won consecutive Wimbledon \ USOpen \ FrenchOpen \ AustralianOpen four events

• Ground strock bounce after hitting the ball landed the most basic play (pumping the ball)

• Vollry volley Smash smash

• Kill kill the ball. so that the other defense of inability to lift the ball

• Lob lob.

• Drop shot hanging ball

• Forehand forehand

• Backhand

• Top spin backhand topspin

• Back spin backspin

• Serve Tennis Serve

• Net touch

• Game and match end of the game

• xx game (s) to xx xx: xx (xx table than the number)
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