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Australian on-site reading scores that person is fairly commentator when host

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is the main referee;

tennis referee's work also includes the score, you hear all of 15-0,30-15 on-site referee reported, tennis referee's work there are so few

1) pre-race work

[1] to prepare equipment, score sheets, game balls and old balls, pens, stopwatch, pick edge device, the amount of net feet.

[2] arrived 30 minutes early, checking sites, the net, referee chairs and so on.

[3] pre-race meeting held linesman, clearly post their work and the division of responsibilities.

[4] before the game for 10 minutes, facing the chair referee called 2 to 3 meters athletes pick sides.

① Check athlete or fashion comply with the regulations.

② understand the athlete's name and pronunciation.

③ introduction referee, linesman the division of responsibilities.

④ host pick sides to determine the venue and who should serve, declare the 5-minute preparations.

⑤ athletes warming-up, the completed score sheet as soon as the content, and 2 minutes left in the warming-up time, reminding players time; announced its intention to

⑥ announced its intention to time to start play. Activities 1 minute, the name of the competition, the first rounds of the project, athletes circumstances, the results of pick sides.

(2) race of work

[1] implementation of rules and competition tennis to the relevant provisions of the statute.

[2] ruled the race all the "facts" issue, and at the end of each sub-specification language with the proclamation and recorded.

[3] Saudi Arabia is responsible for checking the ball game and India.

[4] to maintain order in the audience to ensure the game smoothly.

[5] is responsible for the ball and determine the applicability of the ball game.

[6] the decision whether to continue to use the venue in case of rain, darkness, etc. should be interrupted match referee and referee reports.

[7] announced the results of the competition, who wins, the score situation.

Race section 2 of the work is on-site, real-time the score



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