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The reason why the Australian Open doubles Zhengjieyanzi mismatch?

跑跑 little rookie2010-02-28 01:11:13 +0000 #1

Haas 20062010-02-28 01:25:47 +0000 #2
because of the past two years focused primarily on Zheng's doubles, so the co-trained with Yan Zi less. And that other players have been sent on their more familiar with, so performance decline, and naturally we should dismantle groups, and a bit like before Li Ting / Sun Tiantian, but the questions were not too worried that their relationship is still good.

In the take-off parts that are breaking up, with these words to describe Zheng Jie and Yan Zi's upcoming Australian tour, very appropriate - In 2006, they won the Grand Slam in Melbourne in a historic title; and in 2010, Melbourne, but become a witness to their failure to cooperate in the first Grand Slam doubles.

And then with each other on the TV, and eyes are different now. Yan Zi said: "I now look at her competition is another feeling, a bit like the same audience; but to support her is in the affirmative - usually before the race I do not like watching other people play, because after the fear of reading out their own rhythm disorder ; but today I am training on the track next to her, after training I went to see a few before then. "Zheng Jie is also feeling:" the first time in Grand Slam doubles events do not deserve, but we support each other will not change; I singles match her to support me, victory in the lounge also told me to congratulate her doubles match I will definitely have time to see her fuel. no matter with whom, I hope she will go further, I would like to This must be the same for me her blessing. "

This time, they are paired with the new doubles partner, and the same was in the bottom half; as the tournament will be No. 8 seed Yan Zi and Martek as well as 9 No. seed Zheng Jie and Weisinina, respectively, Wednesday and Thursday in the first round easily won victory. Interestingly, if they are able to continue to win the second round, which will be in the third round of the sisters collide. The second round of the competition, Yan Zi's opponent in combination with Perry Jankovic, Zheng Jie and combinations of opponents is 维克梅耶尔 and Razzano; Although there are non-seeded player, but all singles hold the line in which the master .

Recalled late last year to Hong Kong's Yan Zi to participate in the wedding scene when it comes to emotional Department, Zheng's eyes moist not help: "She played a lot of wedding photos, of course, many of them are with us; I saw was moved - We have been together so little, ah! Now, she had found a good husband, I am so happy for her; but also the support of her marriage to continue to play, not easy! "wedding ceremony, Zheng spoke as guest Shi Huan and Yan Zi husband jokingly said: "We have been together for twenty years passed, the future may give you a; if you care and attention can be careful we do have your racket Hui Oh!"

breaking up is not the a happy thing, but fortunately, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi is not abrupt and the separate, but there is a gradual process. Yan Zi explains: "Actually, from the 2008 Yu as her coach, we no longer live in a room of; and last year, our time together, less than the year before; until this year, I think we will be met with fewer . "Even the participate with an event, Zheng Jie and Yan Zi also lived in a different room at hotel-style apartment. "But we will eat together around a meal, usually will make calls or send information." Yan Zi said.

Say "produced from the United States", when in a fixed partner, the two had some disputes from time to time and awkward; now seldom met, and hand, will be more and treasure one another. Yan Zi said: "Before we do have some disputes, but are also something to play that thing; not now paired together, and are also inclined to quarrel had no reason to." Moreover, in talking about the marriage of her change Yan Zi, said: "Maybe a lot of things can be seen a little more open, and is no longer so easily into a dead end."

because the end of last year has just become a "wealthy wife," Yan Zi of the bride as particularly interesting, she sweet He said: "They will support my family playing career, his mother said the campaign is very short, be able to participate on the best to participate; his father also encouraged me, since playing on the effort to hit the ball good." As for the issue of short honeymoon Yan Zi I answered: "The thought of marriage when, after all, know that the season is necessary to start the Australian race; February Chinese New Year, I could also play in Dubai."

Zheng Jie and Li Na are fortunate to be able to tour expeditions, accompanied by her husband, due to Yan Zi's husband is not a circle of people and work is very busy and can only take the time to look at my wife to play. However, the always good-tempered Yan Zi said: "Hey, this is not to get used to - to see them play a few to accompany her husband, I could have watched them for several years 啦!"
Virginvista2010-02-28 01:49:34 +0000 #3
because sooner or later to separate the



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