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Should pay attention to what tennis

ah I swear2010-03-01 01:10:40 +0000 #1
tennis should pay attention to what 呀?

Would like to learn to play tennis
UC14140104672010-03-01 01:26:00 +0000 #2
prepare at least one racket, of course, can afford to prepare a few more in preparation for a number of tennis. If economic conditions permit, easy to buy a racket had to price in the thousand or so, good racket can help you more quickly find the feeling, there is conducive to learning tennis. As for the clothes as long as decent, easy-to-activity can, however, recommendations should buy a pair of shoes better, so you can protect your Buzhi Yu injured. First of all be patient to learn tennis, not overnight things, beginners tend to think that a simple tennis good science, is in fact not so, but as long as there is confidence, patience, anyone can reach your own level of popular satisfaction is entirely possible and your companion enjoy the fun brought tennis. Beginners must pay attention to technology, when the correctness of the action can not freely play, according to coach taught repeatedly practice the correct movements, and strengthen technical movement, and gradually will see their own progress, you will learn to.



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