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How can I ask about table tennis training in Changchun

c79lh2010-01-22 00:01:44 +0000 #1
How can I ask what Changchun City, tennis courses, please phone and tell me the name of Bai! Thanks in advance for the!
yulei86672010-01-22 00:07:25 +0000 #2
Industry University Table Tennis Training Course

High-tech Zone Silicon Valley Street, No. 288, ahead of Wal-Mart stores westbound 100 m

Tel: 13,644,405,194

Chinese Table Tennis Fitness Center

Yatai Street, satellite Road Interchange Overseas Chinese Community

Tel: 043,185,338,123

days of education and training of school pride

Address: Changchun City Road Interchange Linhe Street and westbound 20 meters, Zhuhai Tel :0431-84668860

Customer Service Tel: 13,324,303,103



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