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Some of the issues on the ping-pong?

harpuia2010-03-03 22:10:54 +0000 #1
I like Da Pingpang, but the level of stink, but also some knowledge of ping-pong a lack of understanding, so to ask a few questions I hope you help answer my, thank you. I am half left-handed, eat and write with his right hand and all sports with the left hand. Da Pingpang my right hand would be the right hand is a physical education teacher to teach the system, the Pen push the right side of the left standard play; the left hand is their own childhood play out, and shake-hands grip, there is no systematic play, mainly forehand ball, side spin plus cut, basically the whole slice backhand wild ways.

1, I am left completely on her own blind to break out, but playing well than the right hand, possibly because of his left hand playing for so many years of skilled power inside. I would like to ask how to improve the play of such wild ways? I am not going to play left-handed forehand loop drive, it will only force with the wrist hair rubbing side spin, or just pull the ball, while the backhand block shot is also not used more are basically chopping.

2, on the cut, I am inclined to want to strengthen my own left hand chop, but because there is no school, I had to chop and those video games and online teaching vary greatly inside the chopper, I do not know why . In general I think the normal chopping are both fell to the other tables in this pool an arc, fast enough, can be transferred can not turn the ball, but I'm working on a slice backhand shot is a very low speed, but the arc is almost those posted net before, but forward setting is very powerful, basically does not change, easy mistakes, or just fly directly to cut out, a bit like a tennis match where some of the chop, as the ball quickly, taking a little side spin, arc very ping, placement of relatively deep near the bottom line, pop-up at low altitudes.

3, pull-loop ball and chopping What is the difference of place? Should pay attention to what?

4, on the ping-pong paddle, I use the racket was bought three years ago, a DHS 5 stars shake-hands grip, rubber is a side of the red Hurricane 2, one side black PF4, double-sided anti-plastic. I am also a little rubber do not know, so I used the PF4 forehand, backhand 2 hurricane hit, mainly from their own hand, I feel a little crazy 2 this side of the thick, the backhand slice fight feel better, PF4 this Mianbao point, is playing racket ball in hand can feel more comfortable. It has not take into account the rubber there are different performance. Would like to ask, like my kind of play that two rubber forehand and backhand should have each piece of?

5, the last feel free to ask, there is Shanghai's friend knows Xuhui, Jing'an, Luwan, or a place where there Daping Pang? The best cheap point, good environment, mainly on a small table, not too many people there are not many people are smoking. I sometimes play at the Luwan Stadium that Zhang Deying, condition good, but the price is too expensive. . . Want to completely do not often go to play the economic capacity to ah. . .

Asked so many questions I am sorry, thank you for answering the next bar.

2010-01-20 14:21 supplementary question anyone know?

work permits2010-03-03 22:21:24 +0000 #2
Louzhu me to answer your question

1. let us talk about your technology. Left horizontal plate, just I am also a horizontal plate, loop fast break style of play. Cross-board technology, the core or chopping, pulling the ball as well as the backhand block shot. Says simply that the chopping is to control, pull the ball is the offense is a defensive backhand block shot. Rubbing inside your technical side spin is a kind of chopping, but only rub side spin is not enough. Chopping the greatest usefulness is to control the other, so that it can not get started, in order to create the conditions for our get started. Therefore, in peacetime training, you should pay attention to chopping of the impact point, line, there must be changes in the length and rotation. Pull the ball, from your description of feel that your technology should not pull the ball very tough. Pull the ball can be basically divided into two pulled reconcile the pull-forward setting. In reality, amateur players often have fallen into the ball and then pull up in the following table, this is the most typical high-profile loop pull the ball. Friction loop the ball over a high-profile hit less is better grasp hit rate is relatively high, in the amateur game has a very important role. The pull-forward setting refers to the period of the ball up, or pull the ball down early. Pull forward setting request the right booth, and accurate ball-point to determine a reasonable and good hair and are therefore relatively difficult to master. In the amateur game is basically only the better chance of success can only be used. Forehand loop drive, which is not a simple technology, the need to arc the ball and speed have enough grasp of it will be difficult.

2. Backhand chop. Based on your description, your sweet spot is definitely quite high, even higher than the net. Therefore, relatively faster top. But this slice there is not much stability. The stability is Chopping of the most important features. Therefore, in peacetime, when some attention backhand slice to wait for the ball drop to the table tennis table at the beginning of the horizontal cut.

3. Pull loop loop the ball ball and rub in common is the need for friction, but both for and against the direction of friction. Generally speaking, I was there when Lianqiu saying: "chopping bad pull the ball a certain bad" What does that mean? First of all chopping relatively simple, is the foundation technologies. Second, the chopping is to pull the ball and create opportunities, if not created a good chance, then, let alone attacked. Therefore, in daily training must focus on chopping.

4. I device is relatively understanding, is also equipment enthusiasts. But your situation seems to me that not-for-beat. Hurricane hand feeling of being thick, then there may be two reasons: a true two elastic thickness is much greater than the backhand, feeling impervious to fight, could not move. Sets the thickness of rubber sponge is divided, and in general is 2.2mm. If it feels really thick and thin, then replace the sponge in this area. But if the sense of elasticity than the backhand too much, but with no penetration, then replace the Palio of the CJ8000 C on the line, and this set of plastic lighter, flexible relatively small.

5. I am not in Shanghai, but according to the usual school experience, Arena will be relatively cheap. I am in Zhengzhou and Kunming are mostly playing in the school arena, it is affordable.

PS. Recommend a Table Tennis Web site: This is a ping-pong in Hong Kong homes, mostly equipment enthusiasts, there are technical areas. I was also inside. If you join you can contact me. Another relatively well-known is the domestic elite, Bo Table Tennis can be such a go and see.

In fact, table tennis, the importance of touch to be secondary to a sense of rhythm. Sense of rhythm was established in the speed of the ball impact point, and so pre-sentence line. This pre-contracting has also established targeted training on a daily basis. So, like it, the more playing the, closer to the normal direction is the right way. To prevent a lifetime may increase very little played.
fjgjf2010-03-03 22:27:36 +0000 #3
1 asked a general question, and asked to answer too many people who like less. Basically do not answer

O (∩ _ ∩) O
Hehe2010-03-03 22:27:09 +0000 #4
all hobbies. My right hand if they had had to fight. Playing table tennis mainly rely on delicate touch. And the solid basic skills are essential. Recommend to take a look at the basis of professional books, I believe there is a large harvest. Now maybe you left better than right. But in the future development potential of the right hand the left hand not large, because the left hand playing Noji habits have developed a culture, while the right hand is more formal. This followed a white paper to paint a painting than amending it easy for the bad picture is the same reason. As you chop is not satisfactory, the main reason is the point in time and intensity did not master, the buffer is not enough merely to master technology, not essentials. Go back to have the opportunity to discuss it. The problem too much. Hehe ...



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