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Candy bar, table tennis, shooting configuration issues

Wait for VS Eternal2010-03-04 05:11:24 +0000 #1
I play, straight, and Taiwan within the ball (within the two-point or near Taiwan billiards) are the same as in backhand chops, the next rotation mainly put in hand to pull the ball, smash the main , the backhand is a straight horizontal play, basic little block shot (the desks are in hand or the introduction of golf balls, pull the ball, the backhand chop), a recent practice the backhand of the screw often fight, want to give up the backhand chop (exercise), but do not know how to configure the board and the rubber would like to configure a beat

I am now thinking board would like to get hold of the Galaxy w-6 Cross-dozen Wang (175)

is in hand to film would like to get hold of Hurricane 3 (70 million)

backhand thought a good 729 is definitely the initial popularity (20 million)

I am not quite understand the equipment configuration do not know what the Good Hope Zhijiao


backhand forehand degrees degrees

There are advantages and disadvantages of such a configuration Thank you

price and I choose the configuration is almost on the line

ask everyone to help me select the election configuration.

_ Diablo _2010-03-04 05:20:53 +0000 #2
so well suited to straight loop with fast break. Similar configuration is also some other, I am not confused Louzhu of.

Hardness is no uniform standard, each person feel different. I am also looking from another set of N blocks of plastic before know how much hardness is suitable. Louzhu best to try to take someone else's board feels slightly. To control a good point, Hurricane 3 elections 39 degrees to 40 degrees to speed quickly. Backhand spread very suitable for practicing, or 729 Tianyi.

There are what is recommended upstairs Butterfly King is purely nonsense, do not reason he is. . .



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