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With regard to the use of carbon Nice soft

Extreme Travel2010-03-04 07:11:09 +0000 #1
My Nice soft carbon is exactly how the weight of 80 grams of this kind? Say that this board is how to eat the ball I did not feel today, just glue rubber being mad three backhand 729-2 and coaches try to play the two hours I think it is very good attacking ball speed and spin a little bit Zhen Ye Hao hands I feel that it is realistic to eat Quemo chopping the ball when rubbing the ball out quickly but their feelings are more collisions is not very stable and easy to rub the net short but it was likely to take higher than the industry occasionally pull the ball to eat the ball there is no obvious So, I feel a sense of always flying, except for relatively light and attack the ball well outside of this film is not that cheap as I EGT to let me adapt to this is the board's problem or my question is how do others, are used to eat the ball I No it (I is the parallel, but the coach is also doing a good read that he does not understand Nice is on the board itself, for the purposes of my) I attack the ball in general is relatively better than other people pull up the ball too much, then can be transferred in the Stalemate beating me when I pull the ball is also quite good, rather than the pursuit of rotation speed of hard to defend the premise that I would like to be able to pull up this board, I pull the ball moves according to the original straight out of bounds of the feeling that I have not been able to pop the friction Sphere went to ask how this is going on another of my chopping it is impossible to twist too far turn, but very unstable coach said I was going to cut off one-third of friction seven parts to send Only in this way stabilized by the coach said I had to do a little stability 1:00 Now this board but not terrible I have not made moves to send the ball went out of the anguish anguish you help out ah bar

Sander brutality2010-03-04 07:18:31 +0000 #2
LZ yards to see so many characters, tired enough the ah. After reading felt, it should be flexible too large the causes of instability and pull chopping the ball out of bounds.

Will allow coaches try to fight that, if he is chopping unstable pull the ball out of bounds, that is, beat them out. If he uses the good, and that is LZ's technical problems.

There is another point may be the flexibility of the new sticky will be a bigger beat, throw in one day, try to play tomorrow, Zaiqu may be a bit better.

Have a question, how such a good board with a rubber mad 3 and -2 do? Provinces at least have to be a crazy, right?

Are you saying that you are parallel imports? Do not quite understand, parallel imports and counterfeit goods, or differentiated.

Well, then the problem is caused due to change of the board. Each section of floor has its own characteristics, each time changing plates, should be adjusted according to the characteristics of floor play some methods, such as the direction of hair the size of the force, friction, and hitting percentage, usually about one week of adjustment should be period, how adjusted you can adapt and be able to give full play to its own technology, then this floor can be used, otherwise the board will only pulls. Liu Guoliang year due to his own floor on the break, has been unable to find a suitable substrate, excessive volatility has been a long time.

In short, to adjust to adapt to adapt to change can not be on the board, very normal.



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