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Malone's personal data table tennis teenager who ah?

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Name: Karl Malone (Ma Long)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Liaoning Anshan

Birthday: 1988.10.20

Height: 1.75 m

Weight: 64 kg

Project: Table Tennis

world rankings : 119

Malone left horizontal plate both sides of the ball against plastic loop combination of fast-break style of play, is a Chinese table tennis men's team emerged in the past two years the rookie. Malone technology play a comprehensive, technical and tactical use of reasonable, he won national championships in 2004, the men's singles runner-up.

Malone's serve to forehand side bit on the small triangle area, the next spin the main impact point more change. Forehand bit conspicuous "fast" and the words near the stage hands active, hit the ball too early, arc controlled, it can effectively integrate digital backhand play and fast tear bombs, the use of fast-paced changes in the placement of the power to make up for lack of . Malone's return of serve technology is also very characteristic, two short straight back strong, the backhand bit twisted, curving a little Shui, often Ling Duishou mistakes. In 2005, the Qatar Open, Malone relied on the excellent first three board technology beat the men's singles the European Shierqiangsai the new darlings of the Russian champion Smirnov.

Major achievements:

2003 World Championship men's team champion, mixed doubles runner-up, Ya Qingsai men's doubles runner-up;

2004 Yaqing Sai men's team, men's singles, mixed doubles champion, World Youth Championship men's team, men's singles champion, men's doubles, mixed doubles runner-up;

2005 Qatar Open Table Tennis men's singles 32 strong.



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