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Who has the personal data of men's tennis Murray ah?

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year when the grass season, the British would in turn their attention to a few local athletes who. This year, waiting to no avail and so the British finally came and a hope, a 18-year-old young man from Scotland, Andy Murray this week, has attracted almost all the British media's attention.

Murray Who are you? Even in the ATP's official website, in addition to his May 15, 1987's birthday, we are also very difficult to find information on the British tennis player details. The Youth As this week's Queen's Cup second round out of the ninth seed, American Dante, so that the whole United Kingdom are wild. Although Dante is not a first-class players, but in the British media's eyes, Murray's victory has made earth-shaking. From Reuters to the BBC, from the "Guardian" to "Daily Telegraph" to "The Times" today, almost all of the UK news agencies and newspapers are used ranging from a few hundred words to 3000 words in length for the 18 year-old boy singing the praises of. In their reports, almost all use a "landmark victory" to describe the just-concluded Murray match. "The Independent" They think, "Murray's victory will likely change in the British tennis court on the disadvantages." Before the start of the Wimbledon, Henman time and time again in the disappointing performance, Murray victory for the British to bring some hope, but do not know Murray's shoulders can carry 18-year-old dream of the UK.

Who loved to throw beat genius teenager, Andy Murray to beat Federer 7-5,6-4. But Federer said that was not surprising, since the North American hardcourt winning streak is very hard, and he beat Richard Gasquet in Toronto, after a difficult final, it is expected to this day. "I'm not disappointed, I now do is inconceivable in. Therefore, when the failure occurred, when, why disappointed?" Federer said this way, everyone will relax down

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grip: right hand, his hands backhand

into vocational Time: 2005

singles top ranking: 2

current world ranking: 2 (August 17 ATP rankings after the update)

doubles the highest ranking: 89 (2 -Apr-07)

singles titles: 11

doubles titles: 0

2009 to date record: 31 wins 5 losses

career total record: 186 wins 70 L

career prize money: 7,306,740 dollars

What is the measure of a job now benchmark tennis player? Is now the world's No. 1 Roger Federer is a measure of ATP benchmark for all other players. Who can be called tennis genius? Beat Federer tennis talent can be called a genius, just like Roger Federer in the Wimbledon 2001 Pete Sampras out of the same.

University of Cincinnati August 16 local time, with a total prize money 2.45 million U.S. dollars Cincinnati Masters second round to top seed Roger Federer lost to British teenager Andy Murray 5-7/4-6 had no chance of defending Masters site, May 1987 15 Sunrise Murray wins than him the end of the 7-year-old Federer, the North American hard 55 games unbeaten records.

Wimbledon, "Murray Hill" from 2005 began, the British girl who in their own clothes with the words "marry me, Andy." Of course, this is not an American Andy Andy - Roddick, but the Englishman's own Andy - Murray. Murray in a recent representative of the British tennis Henman defeated in three straight games against rival Murray have picked up the banner of the revitalization of the British tennis.

Wimbledon in 2006 when the big screen spots England football defeat by Portugal on penalties in the World Cup, the tennis courts on the Murray Andy Roddick direct dialogue with the final three Murray in straight sets 7-6 (4 ) / 6-4/6-4 beat the former world No. 1 Andy Roddick, to know from 2004 to 05 victory over Andy Roddick in Wimbledon, only the new king of Wimbledon Roger Federer.

2006 tournament in San Jose Andy Murray won his career first one championship semi-finals and the final straight down at his hands is the world's top two No. 1 Andy Roddick and Lleyton Hewitt. July 26, 2006, the famous tennis coach Brad - Gilbert confirmed as British tennis star Andy - Murray coach. Gilbert was once the U.S. tennis star Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick's coach, he ushered in under the guidance of Murray is perhaps the most important career a victory: the defeat of Roger Federer.

When Murray won the match point, he did not show any expression of excitement, and even a little bit tired after the fierce battle with the Swiss world number one pain, and Federer sympathetic handshake, from the Swiss in the eyes reveal a lot of appreciation for The eyes Federer had only to Rafael Nadal, Tomas Berdych, Richard Gasquet and a few other people revealed their (It is interesting that, coupled with Murray, which four players are in their 19-year-old beat the charges when the 1st Chandler). Murray then sat in their seats long time on the rest, train Agassi and Andy Roddick's coach Gilbert on the bench kept clapping. Gilbert is a fantastic coach? Murray said after the game is so: "He believed me, and I believe him, today's strategy is on the right track. He sat behind me feel very special, he really is the world's one of the best coaches. He said that I could win the Grand Slam title, becoming the world's No. 1. "



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