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Lan Yu Khaki Devil2010-03-06 10:10:30 +0000 #1
how to determine ACE ah then serve as long as the opponent did not hit the ball count ACE?

* * * Opponent hit a ball smashed into the middle lane, but hit the ball flying out of bounds, or hanging network operator ACE do?

* * * 2 normal ball hit the middle of a very common area is not a big exterior angle interior angle is not great, but opponents still do not run into the ball (professional may not have committed this mistake) operator do? ? ?

Odd sentence, rest a few minutes? ? ?
I'm not Haitao2010-03-06 10:23:02 +0000 #2
1 tennis, ACE is a ball game one of the parties serve, the ball falls on the effective area, but the other party did not touch the ball in making it serve the direct scores. If the person touched the ball, out of sector or the net, only known as ace, rather than ACE ball. In short, as long as the opponent hit the ball, are not ACE.

2 is the ACE ball, ACE criteria to judge the ball is the other side has not received the ball. Therefore, ACE can send the ball, not just look at the level of driving side, but also with the very relationship between the level of the ball side. For example, you find a stupid X stand opposite each of the ball you are ACE.

3 rest time is 90 seconds



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