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zh5261821202010-03-07 23:10:47 +0000 #1
I am a tennis beginner, my hair does not turn the ball for the next spin. According to Tang Jianjun teaching, I know of in the lower part of the friction film, bat 140 degrees, but I always feel the ball Where friction, what master How do I practice?
Language of the stars 1102010-03-07 23:15:02 +0000 #2
rejection of the wrist, as long as you also have is a film about the side issues

I'm online you ask bar can not tell
Sharjah2010-03-07 23:48:05 +0000 #3
Louzhu Good

1 in the bottom friction is important in the bottom tee ball, but made an instant force of friction is the most important moments faster acceleration so as to friction in thin thinner will turn faster the more turn

2 due to the drop drop a certain height off the acceleration of the ball can be made by the force of friction is more easy to manufacture the best spin to 3 ball sweet spot so close to the body to improve stability is more easily made available for transfer to 4 serving can try stamp one's foot is not only beneficial to the friction force and can be made to cover up the other side can not determine the sound hitting your hair is a switch or not switch to 5 Louzhu a good idea to abandon the fancy moves first learning how to put it simply beat the key action is to be cited, as well as an instant hit and so on Enhancing add some feint that could be confused opponent

6 Louzhu feel difficult if you can not go a long hair short hair balls spin the ball more easily out of Enhancing the recurrence of short hair over the ball the ball 7 is a good way to practice driving without a hurry to put a pot shot that finished a few looking for hair to find enough points and then try to think positive multiplier

I wish you a happy enjoyment of ping-pong
wind bu2010-03-07 23:57:57 +0000 #4
beginner when I also have this feeling that I have always been perplexed. I have always felt that the lower friction, others said that I looked at a total hit in the upper part, and then I started practicing all right, a long time, I also have that sense of space, and feel that time is indeed a hit in the upper part of . Trained more than a good, multi-Eat meals.
Xiaoxiao bird man2010-03-08 00:10:45 +0000 #5
as long as you also dumped about the wrist, and technology good or bad is a different matter for two days, but also some talent
Chensheng Yu2010-03-08 00:42:35 +0000 #6
go to good schools
Sander brutality2010-03-08 01:55:03 +0000 #7
1, suggested that we first practice chopping, when you can rub into the desired degree turn and then practice issued under the spin.

2, you can try to shoot ball-shaped 180-degree level, this will be very forward, but not too fast, and so skillfully practiced 140 degrees and then serve.

3, with the relatively new anti-adhesive rubber, rubber aging may be added not on the turn.

4, hit the ball the moment to wrist, wrist force is to practice for a long period of time.

5, the appropriate drop, 30cm or so, not too low, nor too high.

6, to find a master hair look to see, to learn some experience.
a6768592172010-03-08 02:20:09 +0000 #8
good to do, as long as the sights of the ball impact point, to keep shoot type, fast closed arm, and then a little touch of the wrist

we're OK, you can usually try to play their own ball, play ball with the racket rub , to feel the friction
Small Yao Gang2010-03-08 01:44:02 +0000 #9
hair strength with the wrist more hair down the edge
cpa · mydream2010-03-08 01:20:50 +0000 #10
Sharjah said it makes sense to add that the racket can not be too bad otherwise, without friction can not practicing
Shepherd Boys star2010-03-07 23:44:21 +0000 #11
ping-pong the correct theory to guide the ball, after reading for beginners to practice can not achieve their satisfactory results are quite normal. It would take some time to run-tee can not be so simple, not to adjust the angle of friction parts of the next note will be able to put the ball and is ready. Table tennis would like to learn formal Enhancing had to serve for at least a year. In which the intensity of friction to grasp, and so are very important. Sometimes you are too friction years, will become a pool, this issue will not spin the ball well, and this you do not feel out of! Should train serve, we must first learn how to friction, followed to adjust the angle of friction, the friction factor in all aspects of the position, and so on Enhancing friction, you can try not to high drop on a small drop and then Lut wrist as far as possible the friction thinner, and then you put the ball net overstating spherical segment, and deliberately ran the ball hit the ball to issue online, look at their own measurements, it is spin the ball hit the ball-line effect is presumably how kind you are also seen , wait for you reaches that level, you essentially get away with friction. Here you have to note: I suggest you practice the friction from the slow to fast, you want to find the kind of friction gradually feeling: the ball is a ball with a racket feeling of stagnation: and then gradually to speed up the friction. A sense of the beginning of the ball is very important! This requires that you have some patience to grasp the train.

Enhancing the friction, the give you a few suggestions: I wish you could send your favorite balls.

1. To learn to look at. You have to look at other Nade's serve, not just single out a few people: Give your suggestions there is a few people: Ryu Seung Min, Liu Guoliang, Jan-Ove Waldner of these three individuals serve, they serve is the world's acknowledged master of class characters, followed by a number of national team members are, of course, you should visit to see some friends around you master the ball off the tee, multi-serve to see if they can help you serve the formation of a formal action to avoid driving into crooked roads, Although they serve different characteristics, but it can send high-spin ball have in common is the same: you want to compare them more in common, specifically these points:

a. friction time

b. friction wrist rejection Action

c. If you can find that special person serve close-up, or you can see the master of the ball scene: You must grasp the opportunity to catch the details: for example, to see how people are using the wrist, be sure to watch on their wrist action. Of course, the stations, also have to shoot for attention!

2. Serve, there are several key areas we must grasp: With regard to these networks found about a specific talk more professional than I am definitely a minority, I just set out a proposed outline for you:

tee time to grasp: My experience is that quickly as possible until the ball falls on the desktop when the friction continues, one of the principle is the height of the ball to the whereabouts of the smaller pool table for his force would be smaller, the ball's rotation will remain live.

Friction parts. Point of view: This you already know!

Citation film should be as large as possible: this I do not know why, but many of the fact that the bigger issue cited shoot the ball will turn for the.

3. Is inseparable from a large number of theory and practice: their availability to go to more refined, many successes are constantly out of exercise, like the fact that some people, they know little theory, but they are trained in much the ball is good, fat is spin the ball out of the same. (And possibly some of them the ball of talent) in the Lianqiu process, you can ask some expert to help you look at your ball moves, they see the latter more certainly made some good suggestions.

4. Serve each person has their own characteristics, service routines are unique and individual! More in practice to identify their own feelings, experiences, feeling! Given spin, you will succeed! Even if ultimately not very standard action is also all right! Those norms but the success of their predecessors out of the way, according to them to do is just to help you quickly find their own sense of everything! Because they have much in common. The last action for your own success is most important to you!

Wanted to say. This is only my own words, find useful on where to adopt.
lzh0008882010-03-08 01:42:20 +0000 #12
gothic1262010-03-08 05:04:36 +0000 #13
beginners should not rush to turn the ball fat, because you now feel has not yet reached such a request. Xi'an experience action bar essentials, from basic skills are practicing backhand. When you feel the time has accumulated to a certain extent, rubbing the ball of the feeling found, then grasp the essentials as long as the movement is correct, then serving in the area to do some special training, the ball will naturally turn up.

In addition, the statement that it was up, we talk about the hair of the method in the next spin the ball. You say that the friction in the lower part of the ball, shoot type 140 degrees, there is no problem, but the reality of such a request at that time seemed a bit of dogma. Reality the next spin the ball, there are two hair method. One is the racket the moment the ball forward in contact with the kind of cut the bottom of this type tend to shoot more upright, rubbing the ball of the moment right wrist relatively high demand, we must quickly cut down syncline decentralization, cut when the wrist was harder , the ball will turn, Liu Guoliang is one such fat under the ball of a typical representative of the election; the other is the film surface is very flat, contact with the ball the moment, "prop up" the ball forward method of friction, so that when the wrists serve to compare the relaxation gently forward friction can be friction when the wrist must be gentle, must not be rigid, Wang Liqin is a typical representative of this approach.

At the Games, particularly in times of tension, the latter method failure rate than the former, but the first method, if there is no friction to live ball, easy to send large will not be diverted to.
_ Cai Sangzi _2010-03-08 00:24:57 +0000 #14
serve with the chops, pull the ball, like, we need the ball room and board. In addition to talent outside of this is hard to train. If you carefully study master ball video, daily uphold the hair 500 is certainly one day will suddenly comprehend the gist of serve, which in context of the.



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