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2010 Australian Open, Australian Open

JJSS___2010-03-08 04:10:27 +0000 #1
Women's singles final of the full video link

and your personal evaluation of

is mainly in front of that link
elinorcrimson2010-03-08 04:20:31 +0000 #2

Competition generally speaking, worthy of Grand Slam singles finals (as opposed to than the poor in 2009, and parallel rampant), but emotional sense, I think that when the women's singles second round match Dementieva vs Henin-Hardenne more exciting, both of them fight to a very good condition.


Henin-Hardenne in the finals later became nervous to a certain extent, this has hampered her play. Serena indeed worthy of the world, in all aspects is very stable in the face by a continuous extract a break point Haining situation, still frequently Jiu Xian, from a certain extent, the psychological blow Haining

technical and tactical:

Technology context, whether intellectual or emotional connection, I insist that respected Haining, in addition to serving people worried (although the original can not be compared, and Williams, but it is still better than it is now), technical movement complete, highly aggressive, ornamental and strong stability is better, but obviously, JUJU, or the inevitable mistakes in a continuous exchange that took the lead in this area is strongly dominated the mainstream tennis firepower issue, but they're also not been fully restored with the ability of JUJU embodiment.

Serena's serve indeed helpless people, and the stations and mobile advantage though not obvious, but not the same as the other women players have been caught Haining weaknesses. On key points, the Serena still have to go to the next hand, the winning points while not gorgeous, but the neat strong, makes impeccable.

Other factors:

tell the truth, JUJU a bit of luck is not very good, such as extract a Serena break point, the sector put a short (as if, right) was the Secretary-line miscarriage of justice, this is likely to catch Serena do not form a break on this advantage, however, the Secretary-line due to the interference of miscarriage of justice had to re-match, leading to the complete waste of break points.

In addition, JUJU, although the Queen, but the Williams sisters have some injuries (for example, estimates of large-wai's Wimbledon was Serena swept past)


Serena deserved the world, after all, Her race was the only WTA rampant parallel life-saving straw, if not gorgeous, but also proud to congratulate the success of

JUJU just defending comeback, as the fans very happy, so I've been very satisfied with the final walk, though very sad, but the fans Do not worry, there is Henin-Hardenne in, tennis is still beautiful. Failed to copy a pity that the small g miracle, but never blessing JUJU



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