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Wilson 6543 K SIX-ONE LITE what tennis wear line of good?

there is a tail of a child2010-03-08 08:10:41 +0000 #1
Wilson 6543 K SIX-ONE LITE pull a few pounds of what line?

Strength is not
I'm not Haitao2010-03-08 08:26:31 +0000 #2
excellent selling good Guia! ! Suggested Louzhu Taobao ah first movement to the tennis mall to buy, usually in the 5-6 off price, with the treasurer to say that, generally sent, but the quality of delivery are very general Hsiao Chiang-line. Louzhu do not care if the money, you can buy himself a line so that sellers put on.

Try this tennis-line Alpha gut 2000 bar, a former top tennis line, but because of the new tennis line after another that this section line, the price plummeted, and now cost about 40-50 yuan will be able to buy, is the pursuit of touch , power, comfort the ball of choice for the faithful, is highly cost-effective line of tennis.

Lou Zhu can also try the French Babolat tennis BABOLAT CONQUEST lines, comfort and durability a higher level, market price of 90 yuan.

The new beat everybody median pounds from the recommended starting a trial, your tempo recommended this value is 53-63 pounds, so you first threading 58 pounds, and then try to play after the increase or decrease the basis of personal likes and feeling.

These were all first-hand experience of the Friends of balls oh

dynamic gene selling only 1250! ! Do not let your pit of Excellence



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