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Table tennis play of the advantages and disadvantages of the various

wangqun23242010-03-08 13:10:27 +0000 #1

w557688992010-03-08 13:24:31 +0000 #2
fight to attack France, fast-paced, it is reaction, but to rely on Fighter, or quick to push tables Taiwan corners to win less than that, if the other party to determine accurate, footwork is good, with the chopping, or knock the ball style of play, fast-break often can not magnify.

Arc circle play the ball out to the desktop, there is a second speed, can not easily be inroads encountered Chopping play rivals, but also tough forward setting the ball, but less than is their fear of the small ball style of play opponent, as close to the table arc of great difficulty injurious enough

now more mainstream style of play is fast-break style of play with loop combines the advantages, as far as possible to make up for less than, as well as cut in the counter-offensive style of play, require players, footwork flexible, basic skills well, and allowing opponents a stalemate, in order to score
ljgjj7272010-03-08 13:29:42 +0000 #3
Your question is too big, I think 1:30 would be no one can say incomplete. You'd better have a focus, such as the Pen are glue the play's strengths and weaknesses, so we also have more specific answers.



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