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Novice just learning the general election the kind of tennis racket?

Zuo Rolling marriage 悈2010-03-09 16:10:22 +0000 #1
Good beat
jiujingzhanshi2010-03-09 16:24:40 +0000 #2
If you only occasionally play, I suggest you go take a look at Pauley! Is not expensive, but also in the domestic brand where quality is very good, and we are here, many beginners are using the learned enough to get you started, but after the film is also OK to be a backup.

The other several major brands such as WILSON, HEAD, BABOLAT, PRINCE where these brands are not too much for you, the price is too high. BABOLAT but added that several of about 600, but the relatively light, 375 grams, if you are an adult male, forces are relatively abundant, then I think this racket is not for you, and it more suitable for some of the girls.

Walker, Dunlop, there are some 500 or so, the quality is also good, but in general urban poor to buy, easy to Maidaojiahuo not allowed to see.

As the entry-shoot to note: buy more than 95 film surface, 110 or less, and much Hui-speed slow, small sweet spot is small, can not hit the ball, weighing about 300 grams can be.
weidige2010-03-09 16:47:58 +0000 #3
Oh, you are afraid



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