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I am a tennis beginner, how to choose tennis rackets

Victory god2010-01-23 00:01:16 +0000 #1
I am a male and have just started to learn tennis, height 187cm, slim, strength is not large, we should choose what material, brand, type of racket is best for me, price in the 200-400 .
shpd7132010-01-23 00:09:13 +0000 #2
Zhezhi racket racket note will indicate which level is suitable for players to use, but some beginners will be more like the advanced player's racquet. This is because beginners racket has a strong power, For some their own forces are relatively strong beginners will find the ball from the performance is not enough.

the following two types of racket is not very suitable for most beginners, this was mainly due to the strength of the racket can be provided to take into account the level of The.

a racket itself is very heavy, balance is the first light, this racket is only suitable for advanced players

2 The other is the special light racket (after threading 270 grams or less) forces, especially strong ones. This racket is only suitable for very small forces can not have a good swing power player.

Following your main points to consider: the price of materials

If you want to save expenses, just to be a simple beginner racket you can Consider the network made of aluminum alloy material from the film, which price is relatively low. also as long as: 300 yuan.

aluminum bat for the hitting power of great ball players relatively high requirements for the His hardness is too low. If you think you will quickly improve, you may consider to be a full carbon fiber ones. It is between the price of about 400-3000.

affect the strength of the main forces racket factors are: size of the racket surface hardness of film threading pounds. a lower price auction are required in accordance with the racket before the middle of the pounds put on line, of course, it's best if you choose this threading pounds. other means to consider the size of film frame film surface hardness.

big racket can bring greater strength, but the performance will drop the ball. It's basically three levels according to these points: a small film surface (85-95), in film surface (95-105) Large film surface (105 above). If you have a good athleticism you can choose a racket in the film surface, or you shoot on the choice of a 115 plane following a large racket racket. great shot The racket face can have a stronger performance in the power, if you regard the full force of each shot is easy to spend such a hit sector. so he is usually designed for beginners. small racket racket is designed for the senior players.

For the beginners hardness, the hardness did not like the racket Which will give you a very clear difference. lower hardness can bring a lower power and better ball, these are skills you have greatly improve the wish to play faster and more accurate placement of be felt. rackets tend to be more soft aluminum alloy, carbon fiber rackets and hardness can be from low to high. thicker film frame is that you can see the appearance, but also important is that he was the internal material and structures.


a racket of the standard length is 27 inches, if less than this size would indicate .27 inches of non-adult film follows a very long time, and make a racket greater control. lengthened the racket caused a lot of controversy, mainly serve to strengthen the power of the racket, but flexibility is greatly affected. If you are not tall, you can consider to increase the longer racket ball, it will not bring inflexible feeling. the length you want is not the main consideration. If you are a beginner to use more than 28 inches of the racket is not a wise choice.


If the racket too light, in the ball would also bring a strong shock transmitted to the arm. If you have the power of good, you'd better use a weight of 400 grams of the racket, for beginners racket do you use more than 340 grams. best choice 290-330 between the weight. players will be based on his progress in the situation to change the weight of the ball.


balance is used to indicate the weight of the racket on the distribution, is divided into the first light top-heavy. Which one is the existence of a better considerable controversy. a lot of professional players like to use is very heavy, making the first light of the online auction website. This can increase the flexibility of the racket. but this racket than the lighter, top-heavy in the stability of the worse. If you is a beginner you can choose three nodded in light / heavy between the racket head can also be the midpoint of a balance.


This may not be of concern to you. racquet technology is already very mature. people's satisfaction with the racket a very high. racket manufacturers sell as far as possible in order to promote the introduction of some new things to attract customers. Professional players will soon be able to sense what is useful, which is useless. If a racket in enhancing the damping function With the strengthening of this is useful. Do not pull too much attention to changes in head shape, making changes and balance changes.


beginner to have the opportunity to conduct a pilot test is a very good fight, you can contrast to a few pieces of racket different.

1. What a racket to hit the ball more stable.

2. What is the noise, vibration?

3. serve, is not felt too heavy to shoot the first fast enough?

4. This is a racket that flexibility is not better?

5. What a racket allows you to return the ball deeper?

If you buy a low-cost aluminum bat you will not need to try to play, unless there is just a friend which side . If you are a professional online auction website in stores to a total carbon racket, you'd better to try.



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