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Please recommend a product table tennis straight shot (specific brand models)

cfjdtxl2010-03-09 20:11:11 +0000 #1
standard of the lower levels, higher than the beginner than the professional level is low, like the smash, the price of around 100 yuan; I do not want to buy a single floor, and rubber, too troublesome, Butterfly heard good quality control for good or not does not know, there are models do for me?
Big Head Sugar2010-03-09 20:18:37 +0000 #2
if it is only an occasional normal playing baseball do not want trouble, then finished film is a good choice. (Of course, ping-pong enthusiasts have proposed a general self-made film, a good floor just a few hundred. There is a self-made film in the future maintenance of rubber-phase attention should be). . . Finished film may be considered a butterfly TBC series (similar to the TBC-2, TBC-3 of these models can be less than 100, and box comes with film sets) TBC though is the OEM. However, in both quality and cost-effective aspects of a good (5 folder structure + plywood imports of rubber + YUKI Shibuya-made high-elastic sponge), if an amateur can still think about it. Hope that the answer for you help.
wenxiangshang2010-03-09 20:49:08 +0000 #3
Butterfly is a Japanese brand, probably the cheapest one genuine butterfly backplane (board) on a 200, rubber prices is even more frightening.

100 or so finished film, it is recommended the Galaxy or the Palio, price is not bad.

I am an amateur in the level of it too badly, and has worked with provincial team of professional players have learned, table tennis is still usually play better, one to a professional is very money-burning, and a rubber like a few hundred, the number of times to play more three months, must change.

I also He holds a professional coaching racket (over 5000) played the ball, feeling really good, but tell the truth, that is, 200 more than a normal tempo feel better so that there is no difference to the professional level less large.
World really strange miao2010-03-09 21:17:01 +0000 #4
To tell the truth the finished product is really not a very good beat! I still recommend that you pay for matching a single distribution is 60-70, then finished tempo than 100 easy to use, I hit the ball for 10 years and understand it all too! And monogamous is not troublesome because you go there to buy all they give you hands with the stick you do not use their own, they will ask how much money you want to and then based on your fight, skills, and levels with you in order to beat you in a suitable.

Butterfly finished shooting the ball of my friends used before, I personally feel that garbage can not say, really! However, may also be related with the equipment I use, I use a butterfly king, two anti-adhesive is that they are worthy, although the sticky leather and some other processes, but I go there I will buy a set of rubber I do not need someone to speak for me sticky. If you still want to buy a finished film, then I suggest that you do not buy a butterfly price of the finished film is not good, cost-effective finished making a good friendship between the 729 was quite good.

Upstairs, I tell you what I feel will not be just a little better, and I am an equipment enthusiasts, solid wood, cypress wood, carbon, aryl carbon, titanium alloys which have a difference! I have used, for example you use the 2 months of Bohr, you have finished making a change, I guarantee you at least 10 minutes or more Torque, speed, spin, eat the ball, transparent panels and a series of issues will feel bad!
Saga2010-03-09 20:58:33 +0000 #5
Louzhu good

butterfly adhesive packing equipment does a good selection are good, but it was finished filming diy product Butterfly is the OEM's telling the truth to boast about to buy, there will certainly regret it

Lou Zhu Butterfly is now no longer just a high-end and bottom of the racket has made a film there are a number of finished products such as low-grade floor on behalf of the sa-01 is that the domestic production posted a butterfly is nothing more than mark the high price certainly goes without saying that the elections can not be

If I have finished shooting the DHS 729 cost of more than butterflies

finished making cost-effective, but less than diy

Recommended Louzhu diy

bottom recommend Galaxy u-4 (60 million)

sets of rubber being 729-2 (40 million) backhand Tianyi (25 million)

at this level has been can be a

Louzhu level can, however, if the proposed point of buying a better day, two days, after all, is not playing with u-1 Well Bottom to be slightly more expensive
liluoke492010-03-09 20:54:32 +0000 #6
butterfly too expensive, I have a butterfly X-STAR, and 800 more (make more skin) performance was not very good. 100 words to 729 bar, the higher price! Can be 729's two-star
Chensheng Yu2010-03-09 22:03:56 +0000 #7
5245454 Model



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