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Tennis serve more than 200 kilometers per hour then how ah?

means19822010-03-09 22:11:40 +0000 #1

xy Happy Rider yx2010-03-09 22:14:50 +0000 #2
this problem is very difficult ah. . . Under normal circumstances it is difficult to face such a ball speed of this is the level of international competition. . Would like to experience this speed is certainly serve more than ATP500 tournament. . . Participants is certainly the speed of the professional athletes serve for such judgments very accurate

tell the truth there is no strong force is almost impossible to be covered with the possibility also exist that serve the general belong to the kind of resistance the only think cows top players can afford to fight back. . . If you are not a professional player, then it is impossible then (and do not rule out the luck element, encountered sweet spot, it is possible score a direct return of serve, after all, bounce back rate is still quite fast it.)

Looks like it is now capable of reaching speeds of domestic a handful of people, and female athletes is difficult to have such power. . .
Big Ben is not a bell2010-03-09 22:50:40 +0000 #3
natto is the bottom line, after standing about two meters. Agassi then serve as the genius of this will serve under the opponent's action and making changes to prejudge the surface, and then feel there is a gambling element, but in fact, he guessed quite prospective. It is worth mentioning is that Federer's serve, whether it is the best or most exterior angle interior angle, movement from a drop up to shoot the ball out of the moment before the action is almost the same as (I see 2009 Wimbledon video action inside contrast) Fortunately, he not a round so quickly Luo cannon ...
63874775ask2010-03-09 22:32:35 +0000 #4
careers can take over, they cooked the ball, as we pick this up to 170



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