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Please help me configure the block health plastic sheet?

tgdnh332010-03-10 23:11:22 +0000 #1
Originally I was playing anti-adhesive. The upper level, but the technology, the bottleneck is in hand to cut and fast break, pull the power of the main flat. Score was also hit by backhand cross / pull-based. Only consecutive forehand attack, not a continuous counter-pull. If you do not take into account price, configure a Health and plastic sheet, how can we fit with me? First, thank you.
youhou66782010-03-10 23:14:39 +0000 #2
fight of Health glue board, even that of pure wood, or better. After all, is close to the table, feel, or the most important drops -

Butterfly Chen - Avalox P700-Stica CL CR-are playing the legend of raw rubber in the classic floor (as if there is an old Double Happiness 032 backplanes, But want to find is hard drops ---), even feel some of Chen's hard-than P700, but it feels better than P700, but the speed of the ball quicker - (even, and even friends often staged Chen NP-World War II 700 -), Stica LC CR is not a particularly prominent feature of feeling, but a more balanced -

raw rubber rubber choices, depending on Louzhu emphasis on that aspect, and to TSP for the ah, 799 ah these raw rubber, even the view that their performance closer to being plastic, continuous fine; 729-563, represented by the performance near the long-adhesive properties of some even stranger, relative to control some of the more demanding, there is a large dimension 388, and now people are used to many others, like the Galaxy Pluto ah, there are tulips 110, it is recommended Louzhu do not consider even find it not very good anyway - there is, it is recommended to prepare their own Louzhu GP3 sponge 1, and finally 1.8 drops -

even before using a a butterfly Lei Chen Chen + +563 (GP31.8 sponge), feeling good, even when a friend is the one with the NP-700 +729-08 + TSP, Oumen combatants spar, it is basically the total of its raw rubber backhand one more than my board (Oumen are pros and cons of cross-board anti-health and even a backhand drop ---); more fierce points, especially in the case of hair strength. Recently, someone said that aluminum tubes the professional team, Wang is now the preferred raw rubber floor, is preparing to start and did not make comment on --- there are legend, with Ai Fukuhara Ai Fukuhara is not the butterfly that paragraph, but the library a nita kinds of boards, but also a good choice to play the particles. . . . . . . . Anyway, Lou Zhu plate of soft sponge is hard to remember to fight the opponents of raw rubber could be, and sometimes tell you that the classic may not be suitable for everyone drops - (even to another friend, using a three carbon Guo Yue beat is plastic, but also quite intense it ---) Finally, if Lou Zhu Chen chose a butterfly, its Grip a bit thick, (probably because even small hands) need time to adjust to drop ---
1_8li2010-03-10 23:18:34 +0000 #3
Butterfly King Bottom TSP's spectol Raw Rubber



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