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Nice soft backhand on the distribution of carbon glue

Extreme Travel2010-03-11 06:11:25 +0000 #1
I am not afraid of Nice is only 80 grams heavy rubber has been accompanied by mad at being the case of three 39-degree backhand should be how can the backhand block with the ball and pinball less meat and chopping more easy to grasp even turn it on backhand defensive force felt when the ball does not fail to do so under the net past the old ball with a little bit of power out of bounds the point that a good point with rubber to improve this situation can be better balanced chopping another I rub on the ball has been a weak way to ask to improve
mad Biao, Bao2010-03-11 06:26:36 +0000 #2
729 backhand with a good focus on leveraging the three bar. rub demand is very stable. within the ball in dealing with Taiwan. counter with a very good. but fighting feels Soft "a little bit bad mood" pull the ball was not very good, but I think that ah. market price should be 65 bar. If fully funded, then El Bar with butterfly Si Ruiwo heard it just works. Liu Shiwen on also used by many people. it seems 180 or so. Oh, a little expensive.



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