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Na 2 win over Denmark sweetheart among the eight PK Williams

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NEW YORK, January 25 Japan, 2010 season, the Australian Open into the eighth matchday of the competition. In the center court match has just ended, the race will be No. 16 seed, China's Li Na continued the famous hot hand, in straight sets 6-4 6-3 win over tournament No. 4 seed, the Danish prodigy Woziniya Qi, Zheng Jie, following the success of advancing even after the women's singles quarter-finals.

The first game was, Chi Wo Zini Aceh at the start of revenge attacks on the frequent, continuous in Li's serve extract a break point. Fortunately, well-prepared Chinese sister in no way a panic, at 11, after tough security made to defuse the crisis. A great opportunity lost confidence in some of the Wo Zini Aceh followed by setbacks, Li Na took the opportunity in the second game against a very favorable position after breaking to lead 2-0. Competition experienced Danish sweetheart, and not to be outdone, Wo Zini Aceh immediately in straight sets in the third quarter to break a love game again immediately after the strong protect hair, quickly go-ahead score. Critical moment, at this Australian Open has been playing outstanding Li once again demonstrating a sound psychological qualities critical in the eighth seize the opportunities to break again, will be tough to recover into a 4-4 score after re-strike his opponent's confidence. 9th Bureau, Li Na, Paul made it easy after the 5-4 lead into the opponent's serve the non-insurance can not be. Stress followed by a huge Wo Zini Aceh feel nothing, Li Na, a love game strong after the break the score 6-4 before the next city.

The first to win the first set's Li Na in the second set to play after the start of a more comfortable, start again after the break 2-0 ahead. However, Wo Zini Aceh to be outdone, in the third set followed quickly after breaking back into the chase the score 1-2. Fortunately, Li is also very strong, again in straight sets in the fourth inning broke again after a quarter of the score gap widen. Critical moment, competition experienced Wo Zini Aceh request for a medical suspension, and second time after the start of the race again broke Li's serve will chase into a 2-3 score. The two sides suddenly plunged into the next game can not protect hair cycle, the score rose to 5-3 after the turn, Li Na into the serve wins Game. Despite the tenacious Wo Zini Aceh has never given up, but Li Na is clearly an experienced opponent will not be easily overturned to the opportunities in China after a successful Paul eventually made the score 6-3 to seal the victory, which in straight sets backgammon opponent, first time in his career among the Australian Open women's singles quarter-finals.

1 / 4 final, Li Na, will compete with the United States a champion Venus Williams women's singles semi-finals ticket. (Small card)



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