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729-2 and 728-5, and 729 anti-sleeve plastic Tianyi and Thunder

oxo1232010-03-16 06:10:28 +0000 #1
729-2 and 729-5, and 729 anti-sleeve plastic Tianyi and Thunder

This 4 contrast, under which better
Mountain Germany The brutality2010-03-16 06:25:16 +0000 #2
1, the new -2, the new 729-2 a 2007 product, in January 2007 officially listed. The new 729-2 in the rubber and sponge are made for further improvement and upgrading of sponge hardness of 42,45 degrees, a thickness of 2.2mm. 729-2 is the 729 company's technology sector through special treatment, took five years out of a development and production in close to the table fast-break sets of loop-type adhesive. Rubber elastic modulus affected, smaller, friction strong, easy to create fast loop, the new soft sponge with the master freely, and anti-belt loop its capability. Taiwan picked to play with light and fast in a sense, yes, the close to the table fast break loop play weapon. more prominent features of its viscosity and bombs through a special process, to avoid the energy loss, play strong.

2, -5, unique formula designed to make rubber look crystal clear . Novel large-tooth grain, tower-like, vertical arrangement of structural design, so that ball an instant impact enhancement; the same time, the use of low power can be released, so that the potential energy and the sets of plastic deformation sustained release its own stretch to achieve the maximum set of rubber rebound. Advanced energy storage bonding process, so no need to smear glue sets fast glue, also has a perfect speed, spin and control performance.

3, Tianyi that this section sets the overall plastic, light weight, is conducive to straight backhand configuration. Recommended for the design of sets of plastic straight horizontal or good ball player used to play. Excellent point performance, high stability, easy-to-edge hair thoroughly plate, while maintaining the traditional viscous products, a strong rotation. Excellent performance at the end of skin deformation reply applies to defensive players keep the ball ball. Ball when the particles easy to dump, shots, easy to manufacture rotation, suitable for Taiwan within the backhand pick to play.

Overall, -2 for forehand play fast-break, there are a lot of people use, Tianyi for backhand, but with fewer people.

Also, the new -2 points -2 and old -2, -2 feel the old higher price, the new money combined with -2 replaced by three more mad.



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